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Joe Rogan Skewers CNN’s ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Propaganda’

It’s one of the most significant memes in recent memory.

A reporter for CNN, currently in a ratings free fall, called 2020’s violent protests in Kenosha, Wisc. “fiery but mostly peaceful” while a roaring blaze burned behind him.

The laughable commentary from Omar Jimenez launched a thousand memes, and deservedly so.

You’d think an army of media fact checkers, along with The Poynter Institute, might come down hard on CNN’s laughable coverage. A quick Google search on the subject revealed more interest in capturing the root causes of the protests and fears of using loaded language more than the cartoonish coverage.

Leave it to Joe Rogan to pick up the media slack. Again.

Rogan laughed at CNN’s recent “mostly peaceful” spin, this time aimed at a protracted Antifa attack following a shootout that left a police officer wounded and one of their own dead.

The violent group called for a day of rage to protest the death, and the anti-free speech movement delivered.

That led a CNN panelist to spin the violence. Hard.

The Post Millennial captured the mayhem.

Footage from the riots shows the Atlanta Police Foundation being smashed, local businesses being vandalized, and police cars being set on fire.

Rogan, along with guest Adam Curry, wasn’t having CNN’s lies, and it’s clear they knew it wasn’t the first time the far-Left network attempted a stunt like this.

“You’re willing to overlook some awful s— on your side, and you’re willing to exaggerate some s— on the other side,” he said, adding, “You’re not the propaganda department. You can’t define things in a way to calm people down. That’s not what your f—ing job is. You’re bulls—ing people. You’re acting as a propagandist. It’s not mostly peaceful when a car’s on fire.”

TheWrap.com, which reported on Rogan’s critique but still felt uneasy doing so, referred to his comments as a “rant” three times.


The biggest irony? Antifa’s violence took place in Atlanta, the city CNN calls home.

“You have to f—ing pretend that these people lighting churches on fire aren’t f—ing a–holes. These people lighting schools on fire, lighting courthouses on fire.”

Rogan, like fellow podcaster Adam Carolla, is a relentless critic of the mainstream media. It’s one of many reasons the MMA announcer has built a massive following for his Spotify showcase.

He even corrects his mistakes on air. We’re still waiting for every major media outlet’s mea culpa for the Russian collusion coverage.

When reporters aren’t willing to share the truth, audiences seek out alternative voices. Even if it’s a burly stand-up comic who cracks wise for a living.

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