Joe Budden Under Fire For Racist Comments About BTS – Billboard

Joe Budden has inflamed ARMY after a series of comments on this week’s episode of his podcast entitled “We Can’t Lose,” in which he recapped Sunday’s Grammy Awards and offered up his unfiltered feelings about K-pop superstars BTS.

“You can get mad at me… but I hate them BTS n — as,” he said on the show that dropped on Wednesday (April 6). When co-hosts Ice and Ish asked him to elaborate, Budden added, “Do I need a reason? Hate I hate them n — as. I do not have to divulge my reason to you, I just hate them n — as. I do not wanna hear that s – t, I do not wanna see them dance moves, I do not wanna see you come down in the sky in a little umbrella. I do not wanna see your four f — in ‘ [indecipherable] come from the audience and then link up like Voltron and do all of the 98 Degrees moves. I do not wanna see any of this s – t. ”


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Budden then moved on to layer in some xenophobia when he misidentified the chart-topping South Korean septet as being from China. “I know they’re big, I know it’s China, I do not wanna see it,” he said right before co-host Parks Vallely corrected his misstatement by informing Joe that they’re actually from South Korea. “I do not want to see Korean-Sync,” Budden doubled-down as he laughed at his own joke.

“Why do you all think that because a group is big, because an act is big that you can not hate them?” Budden said, as Ice and Ish opined that it was “disgusting” to not like someone for no reason.

Listen to the clip below and see some of the intense reaction to Budden’s comments.

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