NORE took issue with the array of artists who are avoiding hip-hop media platforms in order to appear on mainstream outlets. NORE issued a series of tweets where he said he was disappointed that a lot of hip-hop’s biggest names would rather go to David Letterman or Ellen before they appear on Drink Champs, The Joe Budden Podcast, Million Dollaz Worth Of Gameand the many other podcasts that are dominating the culture.

Phillip Pharaoh / Getty Images

“I have been the best to this culture I have always put hip-hop first and I see u guys go to Ellen and David Letterman’s and Zane Lows and treat them with more respect then the culture but u say u want black excellence,” NORE wrote, sparking speculation that he was targeting Cardi B who recently appeared on Letterman’s Netflix show. NORE later denied dissing Cardi after The Breakfast Club explained that the Bronx rapper has always shown love to all of the platforms that supported her come-up.

Joe Budden, however, seemingly sides with NORE on the topic of rappers going to platforms like David Letterman’s before hip-hop media platforms.

“I am a humble service of Hip Hop, it only helped raise me and teach me still to this day … Nore hit a few points, a lot of ppl use it as entry way & shed it soon as they can. Culture was never vying for acceptance, it was always MAKING them accept it, sadly that line is blurred, “Budden wrote.

Check out Budden’s comments below and let us know your thoughts on this conversation.