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JetBlue’s Cyber ​​Monday sale offers a $ 100 discount on round-trip flights

JetBlue’s Cyber ​​Monday sale is here.

While many get the most out of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday (well, really all this week) by scooping up branded electronics, shoes, skin care and kitchen gadgets, you might want to consider spending your hard-earned money on discounted travel experiences. After being stuck in one place for so much of the last almost two (!) Years, you deserve a great trip, and luckily the airlines are getting into the whole BF / CM sales situation.

JetBlue has just announced its Cyber ​​Monday sale, and there are seriously impressive discounts involved. The airline is offering a $ 100 discount on flights booked directly on JetBlue’s website on Monday 29 November and Tuesday 30 November.

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The travel agreement comes to 50 USD in discount on each segment of the round-trip ticket prices per. person (total $ 100 discount) or $ 50 discount on selected one-way fares that meet the requirements, including spending a minimum of $ 100 on each part of the trip. trip, before tax. The sale applies to trips booked from 29 November all the way until the autumn of 2022, so now is the time to save on your upcoming summer and winter trips.

Sales do not include transatlantic flights, which means that JetBlue’s new London route is off-limits and only valid on non-stop flights. It’s also for economy tickets only, so unfortunately you will not get any discounts if you would book a seat in Mint.

For those of you who want to save money on travel this Cyber ​​Monday, go to JetBlue’s website and use the promotional code “CYBER” to get $ 100 off all the long delayed trips you have postponed last year and a half.

JetBlue's Cyber ​​Monday sale offers a $ 100 discount on your next trip, but you need to act fast

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