He who is without a filter, let him cast the first stone, am I right? At this point in our social media evolution, filters are practically the default, whether you’re a normie or famous. In fact, if you’re famous, it’s unlikely anyone would believe you if you said you’re not using a filter in any of your photos or videos. Like, not even Paris? C’mon. But that’s exactly what Jennifer Lopez will have you believe about her latest post.

Here at all Allure, we don’t make it a habit to call out a celebrity’s age, but since Jennifer Lopez is volunteering that information in her latest video, shared on Monday, August 14, we’ll just go ahead and say that the superstar polymath recently celebrated her 54th birthday. And needless to say, most folks would look at a photo of her and think — perhaps even say out loud — “Damn, she doesn’t look 54.” And that’s kind of the point of her new video.

“No filter. ALL. ME. #ThisIsMeNow at 54, glowing and happy,” Lopez writes in the caption of the video, in which she calls out haters for not believe that she uses her own skin-care brand, JLo Beauty. “For anybody who’s like, ‘J. Lo doesn’t use her own products on her skin’ … I call bullshit,” she says in the clip before applying several products from the line, including sunscreen. And while her own brand’s SPF formula hasn’t been around for that long, Lopez says she’s been using sunscreen every day since her “very early twenties.” (We knew she was smart.)

Then she reiterates the claim in the caption: “There is no filter and no retouching on this video.” Huge if true. And a few fans are struggling to believe it.

“She looks fantastic. Younger than 54 but there is definitely a filter on that video. Or special lighting,” one commenter wrote. “I’ve seen other pictures of her and it looks different than this video. Not saying she doesn’t look fabulous but this is a bit misleading.” Meanwhile, plenty of other followers are taking her word for it, no questions asked.

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