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Janelle Brown Launches Two New Companies: Is She Leaving Sister Wives?

As previously reported, Sister Wives Season 18 is on the way.

Heck, new episodes of the TLC reality show have already started filming.

But some fans of the series are understandably wondering at the moment just how much longer Sister Wives can go on… considering star Kody Brown no longer has any sister wives.

Christine, Meri and Janelle have all left their spiritual spouse over the past year and a half.

Now, meanwhile, we’ve learned that Janelle Brown herself may also be making plans beyond the reality program.

According to Arizona business records, Janelle filed an LLC (Limited Liability Company) for a company called “Janelle Brown Production” on December 29, 2022.

On that same date, she also filed an LLC for an online health coaching business, “Strive With Janelle.”

The mother of six hasn’t said a whole lot since about these projects over the past three months.

Janelle Brown gives the camera a smile in this scenic photo.

We really have no idea what the production company might mean for Janelle’s future — but there has been speculation that she might star in a Sister Wives spinoff alongside good friend Christine.

How cool would that be?!?

“They are working on it, that’s for sure. It’s in serious talks and development,” a source previously told The Sun of Christine and Janelle getting their own series.

The Sun reported at the time that the spinoff would center around “life after polygamy” and “female empowerment,” while adding that some of the children are “on board and all for it.”

As for Strive with Janelle?

The TLC personality already has a side hustle in which she promotes weight loss and dietary supplements through a company called Plexus.

However, questions have arisen over the past few months about the legitimacy of this role.

Critics believe Plexus to be a pyramid scheme.

Janelle Brown is no longer tied to Kody Brown. We’re so very proud of the former sister wife!

For the record, Janelle is the only member listed on both of the aforementioned documents, which were obtained by The Sun… and the address listed is her office space in Flagstaff, where she works on her other businesses.

To be clear, we don’t know anything about Sister Wives beyond Season 18.

Also to be clear, Janelle could be a successful businesswoman while still playing a key role on the show going forward.

But it’s also simply a smart idea of her to be making plans for when the cameras stop rolling.

Janelle left Kody in January.

Unlike Meri and Christine, she did NOT release a statement at the time, however. She just quietly confirmed the relationship is over.

“We’ve been separated for several months… and I’m happy,” Janelle emphasized on air the Season 17 tell-all special. “Really happy.”

Is any door open for reconciliation?

“It has to be, but I’m not interested in having anyone walk through that door,” Janelle added back then.


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