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Jana Duggar Appears Irritated, Angry During Joy-Anna’s Gender Reveal: What’s Going On Here?

Over the weekend, Joy-Anna Duggar revealed that she’s expecting a baby boy.

Life in the Duggar family revolves around pregnancies and procreation, so it comes as no surprise that Joy shared the news with a giant gender reveal party.

What is surprising, however, is that the party might not have been as festive an occasion as we’ve come to expect.

For starters, eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice that Anna Duggar was not in attendance at Joy’s gender reveal.

It’s possible that she was busy with something else — but since she doesn’t have a job and she lives with her in-laws, that seems unlikely.

And Anna wasn’t the only one who watched it all go down from the sidelines.

Jana Duggar was in attendance at the party, but as many viewers noted, she didn’t participate much in the festivities, and she seemed to be in a bad mood the whole time.

Jana Duggar helped with the preparations for her sister Joy-Anna’s gender reveal party. (Photo via YouTube)

Jana helped with the preparation, of course — but she didn’t seem to be in much of a party mood.

And fans were quick to point out that the single, childless Jana appears to be fed up with living a life that revolves around other people’s weddings, births, and children.

“Just another gender reveal party that I am so over going to!” one commenter imagined Jana thinking, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

But fans noticed that Jana did not appear to be enjoying the festivities. (Photo via YouTube)

“If I make this face it’s because I’m pissed and won’t go there with my anger,” another wrote, assuming Jana’s perspective.

“She has to be over the whole thing. All the wedding showers, baby showers, [gender] reveals, weddings, birthdays,” a third viewer chimed in.

“I will tell you if I was in her place I would most likely not even be able to even slightly mask my disdain.”

jana d pic
Jana Duggar looks like she’s fed up with her family. (Photo via TLC)

“Can you imagine being her age, having had to deal with several lifetime’s worth of family stress, public attention you definitely didn’t ask for, and no real tools to get out of it all while being told you’re not allowed to blow off steam?” a fourth asked.

“She looked annoyed and uncomfortable the entire video,” a fifth commenter wrote.

Jana, of course, is the eldest of the Duggar daughters, and she’s the only adult member of her family who has yet to marry or have children.

Jana Duggar Voted!
Jana Duggar brags about something worth bragging about here: She voted! (Photo via Instagram)

She’ll be 33 in January, and while that’s obviously not too old to start a family, Jana grew up in a community where women typically marry and start having kids while they’re still in their teens.

It makes sense that the constant pressure to procreate might be wearing her down.

We’re sure Jana’s love for Joy and her other sisters remains undiminished …

Jana Duggar Spills the Tea
Jana Duggar is wildly popular on Instagram. But her recent political posts have sent some fans running for the hills.

… But at the same time, the feeling that she’s forever playing second fiddle to them is surely getting old.

Jana obviously doesn’t need to get married and have kids in order to be happy and live a fulfilling life.

But she’s been raised to believe that she needs those things — and that messaging can be hard to unlearn.

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