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James Iannazzo: Fairfield, Connecticut smoothie shop racist tirade on TikTok costs father Merrill Lynch job

FAIRFIELD, Connecticut – The man who went on a viral and racist tirade at a smoothie shop in Connecticut has been fired from his job as a financial adviser at Merrill Lynch.

The incident happened Saturday afternoon when James Iannazzo confronted employees at the store in Fairfield and said his son had an allergic reaction after drinking a smoothie with nuts.

The confrontation escalated quickly when Iannazzo allegedly threw a smoothie at one of the workers.

Employees called police after they said he was trying to break into the back of the store.

“He threatened to kill us several times,” employee Charlie Hill said. “He was trying to get behind the doors and I started recording.”

Video of the incident posted on TikTok has been viewed millions of times.

Iannazzo surrendered to police shortly after it happened.

He admitted he never told staff about his son’s allergy, but says he asked for the smoothie without peanut butter.

He has hired a lawyer who said Iannazzo was under stress and that his parenting instincts started because his son got sick from the smoothie.

Iannazzo has been indicted on several counts and is due in court on February 7.

Merrill Lynch, who hired Iannazzo as financial advisor, issued the following statement on Monday:

“Our company does not tolerate behavior of this kind. We investigated immediately and have taken action. This person is no longer employed by our company.”

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