Alix Earle’s Accutane journey is one that fans of the social media star have been eager to learn more about ever since the 22-year-old rose to popularity. With now over 5 million followers on TikTok, Alix Earle has gone mega-viral for her “get ready with me” videos and for her candid nature when it comes to cosmetic procedures. Though she’s touched on her experience with acne in the past, Earle just released a TikTok video detailing her Accutane journey for fans.

Alix Earle’s Accutane journey was a long one

While displaying some incredible before and after photos of her skin, Earle began her explanation of her Accutane experience by noting that she tried the drug three separate times before she had total relief from her chronic acne. “I tried every prescription, every skin-care product and the only thing I could get to clear my skin was Accutane,” the recent college graduate assures.

Segueing into the specifics of her Accutane journey, Earle addressed what she says is the most popular question when it comes to Accutane treatments: “What are the side effects?” After emphasizing that the side effects for Accutane vary from person to person, Earle revealed that the side effects for her were not too severe. “I had super dry lips—you’re going to have to put Aquaphor on all the time,” she begins. “My hair also thinned out a bit while on the medication, and you get super sensitive to sun, but for me it was manageable as long as I put sunscreen on and didn’t stay out too long.” The creator also explained that in her most recent bout of Accutane, she also noticed some emotional changes.

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Earle on the details of the medication itself

“You get bloodwork done every month while on Accutane,” Earle begins in detailing the specifics of Accutane treatment. “It’s a really strong drug and they want to make sure all your levels are good.” Earle then explained how each time she’s gone on Accutane, she experiences an increase in breakouts before her skin began to clear. “Every time at the the three-month mark I’ve seen such a difference,” she says.

Another common query Earle addressed about Accutane itself was weather or not you can consume alcohol while on the medication. Most importantly, the creator urges fans considering or on Accutane to talk to their doctor about whether or not it is safe for them to consume alcohol on Accutane. But, in her experience, she was able to have a few drinks and still go out with friends while on the Accutane, Earle’s doctor assured her, so long as she was getting her bloodwork done every month. “I did notice though that sometimes I would get drunk quicker or even get nauseous,” she explained in regards to drinking on Accutane.

If you’re still wondering why exactly the star had to go on Accutane three separate times when the drug is famous for being a one-and-done solution to acne, Earle has you covered. “The first time I was on Accutane I was four or five months in and my skin was completely clear, so I didn’t think I had to finish it and I kind of wanted to get off of it, when in reality I should’ve waited the full six or seven months,” she explains. Earle then completed the full six-month treatment during her second time on Accutane, but she credits the resurgence of her acne and the subsequent third Accutane prescription to her breast augmentation. “I got a boob job and went off my birth control and I think that completely messed up my hormonal balances,” she says.

Earle’s bottom line

Earlier in the video, Earle addressed how the Accutane experience for everyone is different and how she is strictly speaking from her own experience being that it was the only solution to years of painful breakouts. But, most importantly, Earle wants viewers to know that there’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to acne. “Sharing these pictures of my skin is not easy, ” she says. “But the amount of support I’ve gotten means the world. Acne is normal,” she says in summary.