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I’m not supposed to tell them their daughter is pregnant

DEAR ABBY: My granddaughter “Anabelle” is expecting a baby in five months. We would like to be happy and excited for her and her husband except for one issue. She had a falling-out with her parents over planning her wedding, among other things.

Her grandfather, my husband, walked her down the aisle because all parties involved were still angry. Her parents and sister did not attend, although she and her sister have recently made up.

I think my son and his wife would also like to reconcile, but Anabelle remains adamant that she doesn’t want to see them. As with most families, there’s a history of hurt feelings on both sides.

Our problem: Anabelle has asked us not to tell her parents she’s expecting. I feel this is wrong, but I am respecting her wishes.

I know if I tell them at this late date or if they find out some other way, they will be understandably hurt and angry and may want to “kill the messenger.”

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