Make sure these tips don’t fly under the radar.

A New York-based flight attendant has revealed the five things she would never do before or on a flight, including scuba diving prior to takeoff or booking tickets through a third-party site.

“When I’m flying anywhere international or anywhere that’s far, I’m not gonna use their blankets and I’m not gonna use their pillows,” TikToker Leysha Perez said in a clip post online, which soared to 23,000 views.

In addition to bringing your own pillows and blankets from home for long-haul flights, Leysha recommended to not eat airlines’ meals “too often.”

“I’m not gonna eat every single meal off the plane, as much as I want to,” she said. “Only because there’s a lot of preservatives, it’s very high in sodium, so it’s not good for your health overall to eat them too much.”

Airplane food on tray
Perez cautioned against over-indulging on plane food, as its high in sodium and preservatives for freshness.
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Next, she admitted she doesn’t “assume the worst” of passengers, calling for more “compassion” for each other as human beings.

Addressing unruly travelers who pick fights and are escorted off the plane, Perez said “you never really know what they’re going through.”

“People take their anger out on us all the time, they’re mad at us, but what I try to understand and what I try to let other flight attendants know is do not take it personal,” she advised, admitting that her job allows her to “practice patience.”

“You never know what these people are going through.”

Scuba diver
Scuba diving before flying could result in adverse health effects.
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The stewardess also warned against scuba diving up to 48 hours prior to takeoff due to the possibility of developing decompression sickness, which can occur when the body has not been allowed ample time to rid itself of excess nitrogen.

Lastly, Perez said her final piece of advice should be “common knowledge” for jetsetters: Don’t buy tickets from third party sites, especially if they want seats with their kids.

“A lot of the time I have parents that come on and they’re super angry because they didn’t get seats next to their child and they’re holding up boarding because they’re like, ‘I need a seat next to my child,’” she explained.

“But they booked their tickets through a third party website.”

Unfortunately, many of those platforms distribute seats at random and “just give you what they have,” she continued, meaning that securing multiple seats together is unlikely.

Flight attendants walking through airport with luggage
Perez also warned against booking tickets through third party websites.
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“If you’re booking with your child and you want to sit next to your child, do not book through a third party website, just book directly from the airline website,” she said.

Perez previously dished to her 78,000-some followers that she would also never eat ice from the airplane beverages, use the seat back pocket, walk around the cabin barefoot or touch anything in the lavatories with her bare hands.

The Post has reached out to Perez for comment.