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Ilia Isorelýs Paulino talks about college girls’ sex lives

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Ilia Isorelýs Paulino has a simple request College girls’ sex lives season two. “I want to see Lila fuck!” she told me during one of the most entertaining Zoom interviews I have done to date. On the Mindy Kaling and Justin Noble-produced HBO Max show, Paulino became an instant fan favorite as Lila, a clever student from Essex College who works at the Sips coffee shop alongside Kimberly (Pauline Chalamet) and Canaan (Christopher Meyer). Although she only has a handful of retorts in season 1, Lila always gives a comic punch and hands out perfectly timed jokes and side glances galore – and I can personally confirm that Paulino himself is just as hysterical when the cameras stop rolling.

The 26-year-old daughter of Dominican immigrants, Paulino, had a rather elaborate journey to acting. “I was a kid with a really thick Spanish accent and I just really wanted friends,” she told me. “Everyone convinced me I would be good at sports because I’m 6’2”, and spoiler alert: I’m not. I can not run. It’s obvious, so I’ve been told it’s important in sports. “Paulino found her true calling at the age of 13 when a friend dragged her to audition for a local theatrical performance of Beauty and the beast. She ended up getting the lead role as the Beast. “I was in love and I thought, ‘That’s it,'” she said of the project.

After studying musical theater in his bachelor’s degree and graduating from Yale’s drama school in 2020, Paulino scored a small role in the film. Queenpins along with Kristen Bell and Kirby Howell-Baptiste, however College girls’ sex lives is her true breakout debut. Her portrayal of Lila won over crowds of viewers who flooded social media with praise for the character’s rude audacity and authenticity.

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“It’s overwhelming, but in the best way. It’s like taking a bath with some dark chocolate,” she said of seeing all the positive feedback. Moreover, Paulino was thrilled to represent a woman who “is not a size two and is comfortable with who they are.” “I think people are not only ready, they are hungry to see [someone like Lila], “she said.” It’s like being fed vanilla ice cream all this time, and it’s like, ‘Sh * t, I love vanilla ice cream, but it’s getting old’. ”

“I really, really hope that the college girls who are little thick pants wear the crop top and the little skirt and shake their asses.”

A particularly memorable scene with Lila in the lead role comes in the season 1 finale when she steps into the Anything But Clothes party wearing a crop top and skirt made entirely of wrapped condoms. It meant “everything” for Paulino to confidently show his curves in the scene. She even convinced the costume design team to shorten the hemline by two inches. “My legs are my favorite trait. We have to show them off!” she said, adding that she hopes it inspires others to do the same. “I really, really hope that the college girls who are little thick pants, they go wearing that crop top and the little skirt and shake their ass.”

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The women who wonder about Lila’s contraceptive theme and ask about her male gift advice in the show ended up becoming Paulino’s close friends in real life. Because the cast is filled with relative newcomers to the stage – including Alyah Chanelle Scott (Whitney), Amrit Kaur (Bela) and Reneé Rapp (Leighton), among others – the actors were bound to be involved in the long-awaited project together. “For many of us, this is the biggest thing we’ve done to date, so there was a sense of, ‘What does that button do? What does that mean? “We experienced things for the first time together,” she said. “Also, everyone’s just so damn cool and down to earth. There’s no one on that set that I would not just grab a beer with or just shoot the shit and sweat with.”

With 10 episodes of experience and rave reviews under its belt, the cast returns for season two. Paulino extended his aforementioned hopes for Lila’s character growth, adding: “We’re on a show about girls who f * ck, and I think Lila was one of the only ones who was not f * cking, so I will really want her to f * ck. And I really want to see her with a boy who makes her nervous. I think it would take a lot for a guy to confuse her but to see someone who is so confident and loud and saw herself paired with someone Who makes her fumble with her words or makes her sweat would be so funny and would just show another side that we did not get to see in season one. ” Uh, yes please! I’m here a lot for that plot twist.

If you’re itching to catch Paulino on screen outside Lila’s red Sips uniform, you’re in luck, because the growing talent has quite a few projects on the way for the new year. She will play alongside Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg (NBD!) In Netflix’s Me Time, a comedy film expected to appear in 2022. She was also upset about “another feature for a streaming service that is still confidential”, and she will soon be flying to South Africa for another project. Talk about booked and busy!

Paulino’s dream role – not that she’s ungrateful to those she’s landed so far, she promised – would be to play Fran Fine in a modern reboot of Nurse. “The outfits that b * tch is going to wear? Oh my god,” she said. And we all know she would rock them with the same confidence that she rocks Lila’s iconic condom dress. #CastIliaAsTheNanny – let’s get it trending, guys.

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