I have a side hustle – here’s how I make millions on Amazon – and you can, too

AMAZON is used by millions of people around the world to buy and sell products, and setting up a storefront is easier than you’d think.

In the age of side hustles, Amazon may seem like an unlikely place to start, but you can make just as much selling on Amazon as you usually spend.


Laura Stark has helped create a multi-million dollar Amazon storefront

Lauren Stark is the head of business strategy for mDesign, one of the largest home storage brands on Amazon.

The business had $ 310million in sales last year, according to the company.

In an interview with CNBC, she said the first step to a successful storefront is finding a product that’s right for you.

This should be something you’re interested in and passionate about.

Stark says consumers love being invested in the story of the products they buy, so being able to effectively tell that story is key.

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Build your brand

Building your brand is essential to creating a loyal base of customers.

Trademark your brand and protect it so it’s something you and only you can benefit from.

Stark says the most important thing is believing in your brand.

Partner with Amazon

Amazon is there to help you grow your business and sell products.

Even if you’re a third-party seller, Amazon has great resources to help all the storefronts on the site.

You can work with a strategic account manager to get the most out of your business, including growing your brand and getting issues fixed faster.

As long as you’re brand registered, you can take advantage of the product opportunity and brand voice tools to improve your storefront’s title, content, imagery, and more.

Amazon will even help you understand your store’s demographic, who you’re selling to, and where they are, so you can put money toward marketing and advertising that will reach the right people.

Work with influencers

Influencers could be an incredible source for gaining new clients.

Whether they’re public or private influencers, they will help expand your brand voice into markets you may have missed out on before.

Your products will be featured on sites like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, without you having to sit and make those posts yourself.

Look at your price

Regardless of the size of your inventory, make sure your product is priced correctly and fairly.

Monitor competitor pricing to make sure you’re not underselling yourself, or way out of the regular price range for the product.

Amazon will actually give you price recommendations based on similar products listed on the site.

Test new products

Before going all-in on a new product, test it to make sure it’s something your customers are interested in.

You can also test different prices on the same product to see what gets more traction.

If it works, Stark suggests you “put it on steroids” and get it out to customers as fast as you can.

If it does not, you have learned something and can move forward from it.

“Test and learn, that’s how you build a business,” she says.

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You can also make money with Amazon by purchasing clearance pallets and reselling the items.

Plus, Prime Day is right around the corner, do not miss out on these deals.

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