I Consider Myself A Pretty Tough Person, But These 16 Horrifying Facts Really Wrecked Me

I Consider Myself A Pretty Tough Person, But These 16 Horrifying Facts Really Wrecked Me

Note: Some disturbing and graphic content ahead.

1.The fact that the “breast ripper,” a medieval torture device with claw-like spikes that was used exactly as the name implies, actually existed. Apparently, it was used on women who were “accused of adultery, abortion, and other ‘crimes.'”

A breast ripper

2.On June 10, 1990, a British Airways flight captain was “partially ejected” (i.e. sucked out) from an aircraft after an improperly installed windscreen panel separated from its screen.

A pilot hanging from a plane

Note: The image above is from a reenactment and NOT actual footage of the incident (although the image circulates every once in a while online falsely saying it’s the real photo).

Wonder / Via youtube.com

According to interviews with the crew at the time, the situation was so chaotic and intense that the cockpit door was ripped off its hinges. One of the flight attendants even grabbed the captain’s ankles “before he disappeared out the window” after he had been “sucked out of his seatbelt,” ultimately saving the captain’s life.

A dramatic reenactment of the pilot being sucked out of the window

(Again, this is more footage from the dramatic reenactment.)

Wonder / Via youtube.com

3.This video of a person going down a waterslide that was unexpectedly FLOODED, which is a whole lotta NOOOOPE!

"Flooded water"

Watch the full video here:

4.Earlier this year, a “black-market” illegal medical lab “complete with bioengineered mice, infectious agents, nearly 30 refrigerators and freezers some of which were non-operational, incubators, and more” was discovered in Reedley, California (just outside of Fresno).

Items from the lab

According to Your Central Valley, many local officials described the site as shocking and disturbing and nothing like anything they’d seen in their 25+-year-long careers.

Outside of the lab

Some of the most shocking things found were a room housing 1,000 white lab mice (200 of which were already dead, the rest having to be euthanized), 800 different chemicals on site, many biohazards like human blood, and infectious viral, bacterial, and parasitic agents including E. Coli, malaria, and even COVID.

The lab

5.A 12-year-old boy in Israel suffered a very rare internal decapitation accident after he was hit by a car while riding his bike. Surgeons then had to perform the life-saving procedure of reattaching his head.

An X-ray of a head

Note: The image above is from another internal decapitation accident.

Inside Edition / Via youtube.com

According to NBC 15 News, “After the accident, Suleiman [Hassan] was airlifted to the medical center’s trauma unit, where doctors determined the ligaments holding the posterior base of his skull were severed from the top vertebrae of his spine. The condition is commonly known as internal or orthopedic decapitation.”

mri ct scan for cervical spine x-ray ilm image of patient.

Utah778 / Getty Images/iStockphoto

6.In 2016, an 18-year-old, Tyler Turner, and the instructor he was jumping in tandem with died in a skydiving accident after their parachutes didn’t open.

"Teenager's Fatal Jump"

Horrifyingly, this was not the first time a parachute failed to deploy during a jump with this company — Skydive Lodi Parachute Center. Just two years after Turner’s death, a 62-year-old, Nina Lowry Mason, also died after her parachute didn’t open.

"Teenager's Fatal Jump"

According to ABC 10, the facility’s owner, Bill Dause, said “he doesn’t keep track of the total number of deaths, but he believes up to 18 people have died [there] since the year 2000.”

"Teenager's Fatal Jump"

7.A few years ago, a man in Arizona, whose mother died after suffering from Alzheimer’s, donated her body to a facility that he was led to believe would use it for medical research. However, he later discovered that her body was sold to the US military for roughly $6,000 and then blown up in a “blast test” without consent.

A man talking to a reporter

Shockingly, her body was just one of 20 dead bodies that were actually sold off to the US Army for these blast experiments without the consent of the deceased or next of kin.

A body being loaded into a van

The company that sold the bodies, Biological Resource Center (BRC), is no longer in business. However, Reuters reported that for “over a decade, they were able to sell more than 20,000 parts from about 5,000 human bodies.”

Biological Resource Center headquarters

8.In July, a man, Javonnta Murphy, was found inside a barrel at a popular beach in Malibu, California.

"Body found in Barrel in Malibu Lagoon"

In a strange twist, according to TMZ, authorities are currently investigating a possible connection between rapper Pop Smoke’s murder in 2020 and Murphy, whose brother, Jaquan Murphy, was charged with attempted murder for Pop Smoke’s death.

Closeup of Pop Smoke

Pop Smoke pictured above.

Suzanne Cordeiro / AFP via Getty Images

9.A 24-year-old construction worker in Texas was accused of being on drugs but was actually dying of heatstroke while working in Texas back in June 2022. The man, Gabriel Infante, ended up dying in a hospital from severe heatstroke and had a recorded internal temperature of 109.8°F.

A construction site

Arpad Benedek / Getty Images/iStockphoto

The Guardian reported, “According to [a] lawsuit, Infante began exhibiting heatstroke symptoms including confusion, altered mental state, dizziness, and loss of consciousness. His friend and co-worker Joshua Espinoza began pouring cold water over him, trying to cool him down. A foreman insisted Espinoza call the police, claiming Infante’s bizarre behavior was due to drugs, and the foreman pushed for a drug test when emergency medical services arrived.”

A man under the sun

Praewblackwhile / Getty Images/iStockphoto

10.The existence of the puss caterpillar, which, according to this Reddit user below, “will fuck your world up.” They explained, “I grazed it twice while climbing on a float. NBD at first, but an hour later, I was hyperventilating on the bedroom floor. The pain was excruciating. Dear husband took me to the ER, and morphine did nothing.”

A person's arm marks where they brushed against a puss caterpillar

“I’m better now, but neither morphine nor hydrocodone (I took double what they RX’d) touched the pain those first 24 hours. And the hospital hardly knew what to do with me. I had never heard of nor seen this bug before, and I’m sure I would have flicked it off had I seen it. Don’t do that because the hair is venomous and gets stuck in your skin. At least it leaves a cool scar.”


11.This person on Reddit who found what looks to be human bones in a wall. They explained, “If it helps, it wasn’t a wall in a house but in the cement foundation/walls of a building that closes my backyard on the far side (if that makes sense). That wall is crumbling, and glass shards, nails, whatever have fallen out of it…and then I pulled these bones out one day.”

A person holding bones


12.A 200-foot asteroid, roughly the size of an airplane, “just missed Earth” only a few weeks ago, and it wasn’t even DETECTED until two days after the fact because it was “hidden by the sun’s glare.”

An asteroid

Jim Watson / AFP via Getty Images

If an asteroid that size would have hit Earth, to give you some reference, it’s believed it would’ve left a 738-foot crater, “vaporized” about 235 people (in a major city like New York), and created a 328-foot-tall tsunami.

A giant crater

Independent Picture Service / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

13.As a reminder to think twice before visiting Death Valley in the summer — i.e. one of the hottest places on earth — a man, Steve Curry, died there just a few weeks ago. In fact, below is a photo of Curry hiking in Death Valley the morning he died.

Steve Curry hiking

Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

According to KTLA, 71-year-old Curry collapsed outside of a restroom at Golden Canyon where the temperatures had hit 121°F.

Steve Curry in the shade

Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The reason photos of Curry exist from the day he died is because, ironically, he had been interviewed by the Los Angeles Times about the hot temperatures in the area that day. Curry declined offers of assistance and was “determined to finish what he set out to do,” which was hike Death Valley.

Closeup of Steve Curry

Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

14.A 2-year-old boy in Nevada died from a brain-eating amoeba, Naegleria fowleri, after visiting Ash Springs, a natural hot spring just north of Las Vegas.

"Brain-Eating Amoeba Death"

According to NBC News, “Naegleria fowleri — a microscopic single-celled living ameba that occurs naturally in the environment — lives in soil and warm freshwater such as lakes, rivers, and springs, and can infect people by entering the body through the nose and traveling to the brain,” the state officials said.

A brain-eating amoeba

Kateryna Kon / Getty Images/Science Photo Library RF

15.On Oct. 29, 2013, there was a lethal wind turbine accident in the Netherlands where two mechanics — one 19 and the other 21 years old — were trapped and then died because of a fire that broke out on the turbine.

A wind turbine on fire

According to reports, “One fell to his death and was found on the ground underneath the turbine, the other died from his burns and was found inside the charred remains of the turbine.”

An ambulance and firetruck at the turbine

16.Finally, this awful X-ray from a person’s friend who apparently “accidentally shot himself in the leg.”

A leg X-ray


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