Traffic slowed to a crawl on I-580 Westbound on Saturday evening in Oakland after two cars were left abandoned near Seminary Avenue after a possible highway shooting, an official with the California Highway Patrol said.

CHP officials responded to a call that two vehicles were abandoned on the highway at 4:03 p.m. But when investigators arrived on scene, they discovered that both vehicles were empty.

One of the cars, a Black Mercedes SUV, was stopped right in the middle of the highway while the other, a black Chevrolet SUV, was parked on the right shoulder.

Shortly after the cars were found abandoned, two people self-admitted to a local hospital with gunshot wounds. It was not immediately clear if those admitted to the hospital were connected to the freeway incident. Officials say they will continue to investigate and release updates when possible.

As of 6:10 p.m., only one lane remained closed as officials worked to tow the cars off the roadway.

Check back for updates.