Huge 27-Pound Shelter Cat Melts Hearts: ‘Sweet Boy’

A cat that is the biggest a shelter in Canada has ever cared for has delighted the internet this week.

At 27 pounds, Philippe is around 116 percent bigger than the average adult domestic cat, which is usually between 5 and 20 pounds in weight.

Philippe currently lives at Adoption Chats Sans Abri (ACSA) shelter in Quebec where he was brought in with his shy brother Edouard.

“One of the children in the family started to have severe allergies to them,” Sonia Loignon, a volunteer at ACSA, told Newsweek on why the cats were sent to the shelter.

Philippe the cat
Philippe, a 9-year-old rescue who weighs an incredible 27 pounds. He and his brother Edouard were taken to a shelter in Canada after one of their family’s children developed severe allergies to them.
Adoption Chats Sans Abri ACSA

“We don’t really know how long he has been that way. Right now, he loves to bake in the sun and play with a laser toy,” said Loignon. “We are waiting for him to lose weight before putting him up for adoption.”

A healthy weight for a cat can vary depending on several factors including a cat’s age, breed and body composition, but the agreed upon healthy weight for an adult domestic cat is around 8 to 12 pounds.

Of course, bigger breeds like the Maine Coon will naturally weigh more and still be health. On the other hand, smaller breeds may weigh less than average and still be healthy.

Is My Cat Overweight?

If you’re wondering if your cat is overweight, there are a few signs to look out for.

You should be able to feel your cat’s ribs without pressing too hard, and if you can’t feel their ribs at all your cat may be overweight.

Another way to tell is with their waist. A healthy cat should have a noticeable waistline between their ribcage and hips, while an overweight cat will have a less defined waist.

When viewed from the side, a cat of a healthy weight should have a slight upward slope in the abdomen behind the ribcage, compared to the bulging abdomen of an overweight cat.

The shelter shared Philippe’s story on Reddit where thousands of users shared reactions and thoughts on the large feline.

In the caption, shelter volunteer Loignon wrote: “He’s such a sweet boy; he loves everyone. I love that big potato.”

“He’s the biggest cat we ever had, and we have been doing this for 26 years,” Loignon said. “We had one once who weighed 25 pounds and left at 19 pounds, so there’s hope for him. Philippe is just a fun guy and I love the funny faces he makes when he wants something.”

“Aww. What a big baby,” wrote one commenter on the Reddit post.

While another said: “I would totally rub that belly floof.”

A super social cat, Philippe loves people and attention, and is always pleased to get pets.

“He’s really comfortable at the shelter. We leave our cats free during the day and he’s really kind to all of them,” explained Loignon.

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