Getting your workers to pull behind you can be difficult, especially if you have male workers that are less than thrilled to take instruction from a female boss and jealous females that are not willing to cooperate. However, although these can be awkward, they are not insurmountable problems, and you will find with perseverance as well as excellent leadership skills, you will be able to get around these issues and make them a thing of the past.

That said, in the short term, there are things that you can do which will ease any jostling in the ranks and prove to those unsupportive personnel you are able to fulfill your role.

#1 Treat your workers the same

Although you really may not want to, you should treat all of your workers the same. Supplying them with information in group meetings to keep everyone in the loop will eliminate the chances of malicious rumors. It will also make all of your workers feel like they are valued members of the team. Treating everyone the same will mean that there is no favoritism, which will help workers associate with one another and build friendships as well as working relationships with each other.

#2 Supply them with quality workwear

Everyone likes to look good at work, and supplying all of your workers with quality workwear to wear into the office will have them look like a team and could inspire a form of camaraderie amongst your employees. It will reduce the likelihood of certain employees standing out either due to them overdressing for work or not being able to financially invest in desirable labels for their workwear attire.

#3 Recognize achievement when it happens

All employees like to feel valued and to see that their efforts have been noticed. Recognizing achievement among your employees, whether it is the individual or whole teams, will boost the overall morale of your workforce – especially if it is not the same few people consistently getting rewarded.

Using promotional products for your corporate gifts and rewards, such as those from Anthem Branding, will mean that your employees will be able to use the items at work as well as in their own free time. Of course, the items that you present will have to be of high quality and useful otherwise; your workers will not see the point in striving to receive them.

#4 Provide them with the communication software

While you may be of the opinion that if your employees are talking, they are not working, forcing them to work in silence does not inspire a happy workforce; you will also find that productivity drops and the work ethic for the section or even the whole company become a lot less evident. Instead, you should be encouraging communication between your workers and your teams.

Providing them with communication software is a must as it will ensure that they are able to keep each other in the loop when working on projects together while also being able to chat between themselves on a more social level. This, of course, is even more important if you have remote or hybrid workers, as they can very quickly feel isolated and cut off from normal office or work life.