How to help get medical supplies to Ukraine

AUSTIN (KXAN) – Texans are helping to send medical supplies and medications to Ukraine.

Direct Relief, a nonprofit humanitarian medical organization, is loading up a donated FedEx plane full of medical aid.

“We are rushing insulin, tens of thousands of inhalers and hyper tension medication,” said Thomas Tighe, president and CEO of Direct Relief.

To ensure the medication and supplies get to the Ukrainian people, Tighe has been working with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health.

“We have a good communication channel that we’ve had with Ukraine for six or seven years,” said Tighe. “Which is necessary if you are dealing with prescription medication. Every country needs to know what’s coming into its supply chain, so we are very careful about that. ”

Direct Relief said 200 pallets and 104,054.2 pounds of medications, medical equipment and medical supplies have been sent or are in the process of being sent to Ukraine.

“It allows us to fill a very large-scale order on behalf of the Ministry of Health.”

Tighe said the order will also help with the long term consequences of war on one’s mental health.

“Among the things directly being asked to provide are medications to deal with mental health crisis,” he said.

An Austin company is also involved with Direct Aid’s mission.

“Tito’s Vodka has been a wonderful support of Direct Relief, so we are just really flattered they took it upon themselves to include Direct Relief in their fundraising efforts.”

You can to Direct Relief’s Ukraine fund online.

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