How to Buy Amazon for the Cost of a Penny Stock | Personal Finance

If you only have, say, $ 100 to invest, it will not buy you a very large position in Amazon. But that does not mean you should not go for it. If you feel that Amazon is a good company to add to your portfolio, then there’s nothing wrong with owning a very tiny piece of it initially and boosting that position over time as money allows for it.

In fact, say you’re able to carve out $ 100 to invest with every month. You can easily spend that $ 100 on fractional shares of Amazon until you eventually own the equivalent of a full share.

Of course, you may feel that Amazon’s stock is overvalued right now, and that’s reason enough not to buy it. But if you’re eager to own Amazon, you should know that limited funds do not necessarily have to stand in your way.

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