What’s better than flashing your pearly whites and tackling the day with all the confidence in the world? It may sound too good to be true, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be so.

Studies have found a connection between people’s confidence level and the state of their teeth, so a better smile might just be the confidence boost you need.

To many of us, the perfect smile seems miles away, whether because of trauma from visiting the dentist or because we can’t afford a costly dental procedure. However, in most cases, just a simple teeth whitening procedure can turn our frown upside down.

Today more than ever, whitening your teeth is within reach, and it only takes a couple of minutes before the color of your teeth matches your preference. We’re about to unravel the ins and outs of teeth whitening as part of your dental care routine that you should not ignore.

How Teeth Whitening Can Give Your Confidence a Boost

How Whitening Teeth Increases Confidence

As far-fetched as it may sound, the color of your teeth can really make or break your whole look and your self-confidence. When your teeth are white (even if they are not Hollywood-perfect), you will likely feel more confident and motivated to participate in conversations or even start one.

Dental welfare has been proven to boost the quality of life and overall health. Here is how a brighter smile can increase your confidence.

Younger Appearance

In essence, people perceive white teeth as a symbol of youthfulness, well-being, and good social status. In fact, a person flashing a white smile can appear 5 years younger. For instance, imagine seeing a photo of a 40-year-old person boasting a white smile and then another photo of a person of the same age but with discolored teeth. You’ll probably think the person with the radiant smile is younger, when in fact, they are both of the same age.

Today, many people bypass facelifts and fillers and opt for white teeth to achieve a more youthful look. By reversing dental discoloration, they get a fresher look and a more rested appearance, effectively knocking off a couple of years from their actual age – without invasive procedures.

First Impression

As mundane as it may sound, first impressions do matter to a lot of people, whether we like to admit it or not, and nothing makes a great first impression quite like a flashy, gorgeous white smile.

In fact, a bright smile helps people feel more confident and appear more approachable and friendly. Moreover, your smile is your hidden weapon that’s a great non-verbal tool that makes up a good chunk of the first impression you make. You embody warmth, openness, and friendliness by flashing someone a bright smile. And what more can you ask for for an amazing first impression, right?

Boost Your Mood

It’s a widespread fact that smiling and laughter trigger feel-good hormones. Even if we’re talking about social laughter, aka a forced smile, it still releases endorphins into the bloodstream and boosts your mood – just like that! When you’re rocking a set of pearly whites, and you feel pretty confident, you’re most likely to smile freely and laugh more frequently, thus increasing the level of the feel-good hormones.

To sum up, laughing and smiling trigger endorphin release, an incredible mood booster.

Increased Success

Having white teeth is actually beneficial in more ways than one, and it can bring about success in many fields in life. Besides boosting your self-worth and making you feel more attractive and younger, having a welcoming, white smile can also pave the way to professional success.

In a professional environment, a confident smile translates to power, ability, and a positive impression. These traits boost communication, business interaction, and networking and ensure job interview success. In addition, a white smile oozes self-care and discipline, which can contribute to a positive perception of you as a professional in what you do.

Popular Teeth Whitening Options

Today, having a whiter smile is easier than ever, thanks to the many teeth-whitening options available. Whether you’re more in favor of visiting a dentist for a whitening session or prefer an at-home teeth whitening kit, the possibilities are truly plenty.

Some of the most popular teeth whitening options include whitening kits, whitening toothpaste, and gel pens, to name a few. Let’s go over five of the top teeth-whitening options that’ll give you a smile makeover in minutes.

Teeth-Whitening Kits

When it comes to the best teeth-whitening kits, NatruSmile is one of the options that can help brighten up teeth in a very short time. With a proprietary cold-light technology and gentle formula, it offers 12 different products for a bright smile. Products like whitening strips, teeth-whitening gels, and, amazingly, teeth-whitening mouthwash, too.

Whitening Strips

Whitening strips are usually the go-to choice for busy men and women looking to boost their cosmetic dentistry effects without visiting the dentist’s office. These strips are special thin, flexible patches layered with a whitening gel. Basically, you place the strips directly onto your teeth and keep them on for half an hour twice a day. Do this for 2 weeks, and you’ll be able to notice a significant difference in your teeth color.

Whitening Toothpaste

There are a lot of whitening toothpaste options on the market today, promising to do this and that to your teeth, but not all of them work. When it comes to finding a real teeth-whitening toothpaste, make sure to look for natural ingredients and an effective bleaching formula that won’t damage your teeth. A Phthalimido-peroxy-caproic acid, better known as PAP, is currently the most effective whitening formula found in toothpaste and is recommended by dentists around the US.

Whitening Gel

Recently, teeth whitening gels have amassed a large customer base mainly due to their ability to brighten up smiles in approximately two weeks. Typically, a whitening gel contains a bleaching agent, such as carbamide peroxide and the PAP formula, effectively removing different stains and discoloration from the teeth. It has a non-sensitive formula and is very gentle on teeth, so the whitening experience is pleasant and fast.

Whitening Mouthwash

Surprisingly or not, you can even buy a mouthwash that will whiten your teeth as you swoosh the liquid inside your mouth. These types of oral rinses are specifically designed to brighten teeth while also working as typical mouthwash products.

Just as in gels, you’ll find mild bleaching agents (carbamide peroxide/activated charcoal) in whitening mouthwash products, too. Mouthwash is also great for eliminating bad breath and killing the unwanted bacteria causing it.

Whitening Gel Pen

Gel pens are typically made for touch-ups and maintenance instead of full whitening treatments. The popularity of these teeth-whitening products is due to the convenience they offer. All you need to do to brush away the stains from your teeth is to apply the gel directly to your teeth wherever you are: at the office, in the park, or at a friend’s house.

Bottom line

If you’d rather bypass going to the dentist to whiten your teeth and try an at-home teeth-whitening kit, know that you are one of the millions that practice the same tactic. Luckily, there are many efficient and safe teeth-brightening options to choose from, whether it’s toothpaste, gel pens, mouthwash, whitening strips, and so on.

A brighter, whiter smile can do wonders for your self-esteem, your overall well-being, and your physical appearance. Don’t let your less-than-perfect smile control how you feel about yourself. Instead, set some time apart for some self-indulgence and whiten your teeth while you’re at it.