How much you can earn renting out your driveway in Birmingham

This week, we told the remarkable story of a Sheldon mum-of-two with a mystery. Debbie Flynn, who lives next to Birmingham Airport, was baffled to find a holidaymaker’s car plonked on her drive.

After a week, the mystery finally unraveled. A silver Vauxhall Mokka had been left next to her garage after her landlord forgot he had registered for a parking app years ago.

Debbie said: “One of the first things I did when I found the car was to ask the landlord if he knew anything about it and he said he did not. The landlord has since been in touch and said that years ago he opened a parking app for his drive.

“He has just checked his emails and a female driver has emailed him saying she has parked on his drive, gone on holiday and will be back next week. I can not believe it.”

But her landlord is not alone. For years, ordinary people have been hiring out their driveways to help holidaymakers, tourists and visitors – helping motorists dodge extortionate prices and unsuspecting yellow lines.

But how much could you get for renting out your parking space? According to some estimates, £ 26 million was made by homeowners renting out driveways across the country in 2021. Here is what we have learned from enterprising Brummies in the past.

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Heartlands Hospital

Live near Heartlands hospital? You might want to follow in the footsteps of Akeel Ahmed.

The enterprising landlord spent some £ 20,000 turning the driveway of his house into a car park for up to 20 vehicles opposite the medical hub. Earlier this month, he told BirminghamLive he charged £ 5 for all-day parking – a huge saving on the £ 10.20 for up to 24 hours demanded by hospital bosses.

Akeel Ahmed, 33 rents out car parking spaces on a property he owns. The house is near to Heartlands Hospital

He said his main customers were nurses and some had split the cost with a colleague spending just £ 2.50. But at the time, no parents had taken advantage of his £ 2 school run offer.

Akeel said: “I sorted the whole place which cost £ 20,000. That included the dig, materials and labor. It took about three weeks because I wanted it in a way you go in and go out. There will be 20 bays at a push . At the moment it is 18. It’s a work in progress. “


In June, we revealed residents were hiring out parking spots as thousands of cricket fans descended on Edgbaston for a New Zealand test match. Jim Frensher and Dave Ward came up with the money-making scheme five years ago to cash in on their location.

Car parking at Edgbaston Stadium can cost up to £ 25 but there is limited availability and drivers often spill out onto gridlocked nearby roads. But Jim and Dave offered their driveways to cricket fans for £ 20 a pop.

How much you could earn by renting out your driveway in Birmingham
How much you could earn by renting out your driveway in Birmingham

Jim said: “We expect to make around £ 160 each day over the five days. It ends up being quite a nice sum. It all started five years ago when we were having problems with people parking on our drives. We would go out for the day and come back to find strangers parked here – you’d be amazed.

“It can get really chaotic during big games such as England v Pakistan so we can not really go anywhere anyway. We like to enjoy a few glasses of wine and watch the cricket. It’s nice because we get to be out here meeting new people and it keeps the wife happy. ”

Birmingham city center

In March, we told how Chrysa Gotsopoulou, 33, rented out her gated car park space on the ground floor of her apartment block for over two years. This was before she bought a car and used the space herself at Cutlass Court near Broad Street.

She told BirminghamLive: “For the entire time I was renting it out there was not a single day the parking space was available. I used to do it long term on a monthly basis. But most of the people needed far longer than that.

“If it became available it was booked within the next hour. In my case people needed it for work with a lot of businesspeople working in the Brindleyplace area.

“They used it mainly during weekdays to be close to work. Some of them also used it on weekends to be able to park here or to do some shopping in Birmingham city center. It’s a great spot anyway. It’s a great idea for some extra money. There’s CCTV in there too so it’s very secure. “

Kings Heath

And an unnamed 56-year-old from Kings Heath, who has leased his garage in Kings Heath out for the last four years, also spoke to us and revealed the tricks of the trade.

He said: “People with a small car going on holiday have used it for two or three months. One guy had a motorcycle which kept getting stolen so he used my garage to keep it safe. Others have used it for storage purposes.”

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