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Here’s What We Know About the Buffalo Grove Murder-Suicide and What Remains Unanswered – NBC Chicago

Several days after five people were found dead inside a suburban Buffalo Grove home, new details have emerged about what occurred, but questions remain about the crime itself.

Police discovered the individuals Wednesday when responding to a well-being check on an adult female in the 2800 block Acacia Terrace.

Authorities identified the victims as 67-year-old Lilia Kisliak, 39-year-old Andrei Kisliak, his wife 36-year-old Vera Kisliak and their two daughters 6-year-old Vivian and 4-year-old Amilia.

Here’s what we know about the deaths, include the latest from law enforcement, details of the initial police response and information on the couple’s past.

Evidence Shows Crime Was a Murder-Suicide: Police

Buffalo Grove police said Monday that Andrei Kisliak killed his wife, Vera, mother, Lilia, and two daughters, Amilia and Vivian, before killing himself.

“Our community is mourning, and I hope these findings help bring some closure as we continue to process this terrible tragedy,” Police Chief Brian Budds stated in a news release announcing the determination.

Prior to the announcement, authorities had only said the five individuals were found dead from “sharp force injuries” in what they called a “domestic incident.”

The investigation remained ongoing as of Monday, authorities said.

Court Documents Reveal Divorce, Foreclosure

Court records show Andrei and Vera Kisliak wwere going through a divorce, and that the Acacia Terrace home was undergoing foreclosure proceedings.

Documents also revealed that Vera Kisliak had filed an order of protection against her husband earlier in the year.

Andrei Kisliak sought a protective order on Aug. 10, but a judge declined to grant an emergency order. His request was dismissed 20 days later.

Vera Kisliak sought an order against husband Andrei on Sept. 14. An emergency order was granted, then extended Oct. 3. The order required Andrei Kisliak to stay away from his wife, their two children and the home on Acacia Terrace, according to court documents.

It also required him to turn over any firearms in his possession to the Buffalo Grove Police Department, though it is unclear whether he had any guns at the time.

Hours after making a horrifying discovery, officials released new information Thursday on those found dead inside a Buffalo Grove home following a “domestic-related” incident.

Andrei Kisliak was charged with violating that order on Sept. 30, when authorities say he entered the Buffalo Grove home, according to court documents. He pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor charge on Oct. 12.

A full, two-year order of protection was entered on Vera Kisliak’s behalf Oct. 25. There was a status hearing in court Tuesday on the couple’s divorce case.

Three weeks ago, a foreclosure petition was filed on the family home, records show.

Police Respond to Home on Well-Being Check

Buffalo Grove police were initially called to perform a well-being check at the residence Wednesday. The request was made to police by a co-worker of one of the women, authorities said.

When officials arrived, they were unable to make contact with anyone inside of the home. After deeming it necessary to force their way into the residence, a sweep of the home revealed five deceased individuals, officials said.

An animal, believed to be the family’s dog, was also found dead inside the home, police said.

Neighbors Coping With Tragedy

Days after the tragedy, neighbors have said they’re still trying to understand why it happened. NBC 5 learned one of the victims, 6-year-old Vivian, attended Ivy Hall Elementary. Administrators sent out an email to parents in the district describing her and her younger sister as happy and cheerful children.

Family friend Liliya Dzhorayeva said she met the girls and their mom three years ago when her family moved into the neighborhood and said she will never forget her friend.

“It was very difficult for her, life was very difficult for her the past couple of months and she tried her best to survive,” she said.

Several family friends are working together to raise money, so funeral arrangements can be handled for Vera’s family in her native Belarus.

Here’s What Remains Unknown

Following the murder-suicide, neighbors told NBC 5 that police had previously been called to the home. Police haven’t said how many times they responded – or why – citing the open investigation. Additionally, police haven’t released if a weapon was recovered at the scene.

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