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Here are all of Fortnite Chapter 3’s new Battle Pass skins, including Spider-Man

Fortnite Chapter 3 has arrived, and while Carnage was patched on last season’s match pass, this time? We have Spider-Man here to save the day, and give us all the web-slingers to move around the map.

The new Fortnite Chapter 3 battle pass is live and is actually led by Spider-Man, but there are a host of epic originals arriving besides him. I think Marcus and Kait from Gears of War are coming later, but they may be secret skins that need challenges unlocking.

So here are all the new camphor skins for Fortnite Chapter 3:

Shanta (page 1) – Shanta has a basic style like skin on the first page and you will unlock additional pieces of her armor through a questline that is live now.

Ronin (pages 1, 2, 5, 8) – Ronin does not have a quest, but he does have one your styles that change his colors or add pieces to his outfit that you can keep unlocking all the way through page 8 of the pass.

Lieutenant John Llama (pages 3, 4) – What, did you think Fortnite was done using llamas as a central theme? Think again, and this time we have the toughest llama to date, which also has a Special Forces variant.

The Garden (page 5) – Your new kamppas girlfriend has arrived in the form of Haven, with her cool sweater and deeply weird cat mask. Is there more to her than meets the eye?

Gumbo (pages 6, 7) – No kampppas is complete without some kind of deeply strange non-human skin, and we have two this time where Gumbo is even more strange than Sgt. Lama.

Harlowe (pages 8, 9) – Harlowe is here and pink and vaguely scary. We also usually need a pink or purple or blue skin in kampas these days.

Spider-Man (pages 9, 10) – What, did you think they would make it easy to get Spider-Man? Like Carnage, you will not see him or his symbiotic suit until the end. We know more styles will come to him later.

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