Her Ex Gave Her A “Priceless” Piece Of Art, But She Threw It In The Garbage Even Though He Wanted It Back – Chip Chick

A woman was in a relationship with a guy for a number of years, and right after she met him he insisted that he was single and not seeing anyone else.

She spent every Friday and Saturday with him, and their relationship progressed. Then, she met his friends and she even introduced her friends to him.

Next, they introduced their children to one another. As things went on, her boyfriend got her a “priceless” piece of art; a photograph by a famous photographer that she loved.

She was pretty convinced over the years that she was the only woman in her boyfriend’s life.

“Of course, he’d tell me we were soul mates and he loved me but that his divorce process was lingering,” she explained.

“He stated he was seeing no one other than me as this was a criteria for me. During this time I noticed some women commenting on his Facebook and looked further into it to find they had him listed as their “boyfriend.”

As soon as she found out that she was only one woman in a string of others, she decided the best thing to do would be ghost her boyfriend.

Before she went through with that, she spoke to the 3 other women, and she was shocked to learn that they all looked like they could be her twin.

She found that incredibly “creepy” but they all confirmed that they thought they were in a monogamous relationship with her boyfriend.

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