Halle Berry Loves These $17 Undereye Patches “So Much” — See Photo

When a stunning celebrity declares their love for a particular beauty product, my ears always perk up, ready to hear what’s helping them look so damn good. But considering how many famous folks have their own beauty brands or serve as ambassadors for brands, one of my eyebrows goes up, too. Unless a star isn’t officially tied to a brand, I inevitably question just how authentic a product recommendation is. So when I saw Halle Berry shouting out a skin-care product she loves without strings attached, I was thrilled.

Berry has always been an open book when it comes to her favorite beauty goodies, like her preferred face scrub, and there will never be a lack of people interested in the opportunity to look even a little bit more like the Oscar winner. So I know plenty of fans taking note when she shared her post-holiday-weekend skin pick-me-up on Instagram on Tuesday, September 5.

In a selfie captioned “the morning after” and “I love these so much,” Berry is seen wearing gold undereye patches that just so happen to match her layered necklaces. The patches she loves so much? The Knesko Nano Gold Repair Collagen Eye Mask. 

Instagram/Halle Berry