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Gwendlyn Brown Accuses Dad Kody Of Cowardice For Staying With Mom – Hollywood Life

Gwendlyn Brown, 21, is sharing her thoughts on her dad Kody Brown and how she thinks he’s acted unfairly to her mother, Christine Brown, during their relationship, in a new Sister Wives recap video. The reality star accused Kody of cowardice after he admitted that he “maybe should have told” Christine he “didn’t like her” but “didn’t quit.” She also revealed she was shocked by his actions.

“I think it’s more cowardly to be in a relationship where you don’t love somebody than it is to leave instead of experiencing heartbreak,” Gwendlyn said, when talking about her parents’ situation, in a YouTube video. She also addressed when Kody said Christine shouldn’t show her independence.

Gwendlyn Brown
Gwendlyn in her latest YouTube video. (Gwendlyn Brown/Youtube)

“What’s she supposed to do if she’s not independent? He has three other wives. What’s she supposed to do? Just sit in the corner and braid her hair?” she asked.

Gwendlyn went on to say that she thinks her father has “a lot of double standards” when it comes to his relationships with both her mother and Janelle Brown, and she took the time to answer some fans’ questions. One of the answers resulted in her admitting she’s glad Kody’s behavior is “not something” she “inherited.”

Kody, Wives
Kody has had four wives since 2010, which has been documented on ‘Sister Wives.’ (Puddle Monkey Prods/Figure 8/Kobal/Shutterstock)

“I’m just glad it’s not something I inherited because that would suck,” she explained. “I think the way he was raised made it difficult for him to get out of those ideas — which is not an excuse. You can get out of the kind of thoughts that you think. Dad’s opinions and thoughts tend to benefit him, I think, so that’s why I assume he chooses to think that way.”

Gwendlyn’s comments about Kody come after he and Christine announced their split after over 25 years of marriage in Nov. 2021. When Sister Wives first aired in 2010, he was legally married to his first wife, Meri Brown, and “spiritually married” to Christine, and Janelle. He also introduced a fourth wife, Robyn Brown, whom he “spiritually married” in 2010 and later legally married in 2014. Kody and Janelle eventually announced their separation in Dec. 2022 and just a few days later, Kody and Meri announced their 32-year marriage was also over. Kody has a total of 18 kids, including Gwendlyn, from his marriages with the four women.

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