Gwen Stefani Says She Lost This Role To Angelina Jolie

“That could’ve been a different story.”

Gwen Stefani is known and celebrated for her Grammy Award-winning music. But she’s dabbled in a bit of acting, too, and once apparently contended for a movie role that ultimately went to Angelina Jolie.

Paul Archuleta / Getty Images, Stefania D’alessandro / Getty Images

Even those who were not old enough to watch PG-13 rated movies in the mid-aughts will probably recognize this one. Way back in 2005, Angelina played one half of the murderous titular couple in Mr. & Mrs. Smith – which, despite mixed reviews from critics, will forever be remembered as the project that established her now-former relationship with Brad Pitt.

Anyway, at the time, Gwen was launching a solo career post-No Doubt and moving on from brief big-screen cameos to more serious work in Hollywood, like Martin Scorsese’s acclaimed 2004 drama The Aviator.

Gwen’s revelation came in response to a question about her most surprising movie audition. “Oh, Mr. & Mrs. Smith“she replied.” Angelina beat me. “

Who knows how an alternate outcome might have disrupted the course of history. As Gwen put it: “That could’ve been a different story.”

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You can check out some of Gwen’s Q&A with Ellen DeGeneres here, or via the clip above.

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