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Google Nest Wifi Pro Reviews, Pros and Cons

By The Verge


If you have or are considering starting a smart home, the Nest Wifi Pro is one of the first three-in-one devices — Matter controller, Wi-Fi router, Thread border router — on the market. There will likely be more, and the Eero line is being upgraded to Matter next year. Going forward, it’s likely that Thread and Matter will be built into every Wi-Fi access point. But the Nest Wifi Pro will be a good fit today if you’re looking to future-proof your smart home, don’t anticipate access to multi-gig speeds, and want to avoid the dead spider aesthetic.

By TechAdvisor


The Google Nest Wifi Pro is a slick-looking, well-priced package, but there are some serious teething problems. Poor speeds combined the relative scarcity of Wi-Fi 6E client devices right now means you may want to hold off until firmware updates improve performance – or buy a different system entirely.

By AndroidCentral


Nest Wifi Pro brings Google’s Wi-Fi solution up to date with a snappy tri-band AXE5400 connection with a 6GHz band for devices and the backhaul. Performance was generally strong compared to similar mesh kits but the lack of advanced settings and Google’s requirement to use Nest Cloud Services to see which devices are using your Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi 6E devices also rarely connect to Wi-Fi 6E or use 160MHz connections with Nest Wifi Pro.

By DongKnows


Late to the Wi-Fi 6E game, the new Google Nest Wifi Pro has nothing to add and leaves much to be desired. The “Pro” notion is laughable, if not ludicrous.

By ExpertReviews


The Nest Wifi Pro doesn’t win many points for versatility or user-friendliness either: even though the feature set is quite sparse, the app manages to make things confusing. On paper, a three-node Wi-Fi 6E mesh for $399 looks like a great deal, but you’ll do better to spend your money almost anywhere else.

By cnet


Nest Wifi Pro doesn’t offer game-changing Wi-Fi speeds or truly unique features — but it is a consistent and reliable mesh Wi-Fi system that brings the benefits of the 6GHz band to your home network. Those benefits aren’t going to be that meaningful in a lot of homes at this point, so Wi-Fi 6E isn’t a must-have feature — but with the number of Wi-Fi 6E devices expected to rise steadily in the coming year, it’s still a nice-to-have feature.



The Google Nest WiFi Pro may not be the best-looking router out there, but with WiFi 6E and a range of smart features, it’s a seriously compelling option.

By Stacey on IoT

If you have an older, WiFi 5 network system in your house, then I’d strongly consider this mesh networking system. You should see faster throughput on your network at a relatively inexpensive cost compared to competing models. Yes, you may get additional features or speedier connections with alternatives but you’ll pay much more.

By NAS Compares

Ultimately, the Google WiFi Pro 6E router is DEFINITELY a good product but chooses the areas that it scaled up for future-proofing over its predecessors in occasionally baffling ways. You cannot fault the hardware, the value of the mesh package here and software-wise (as long as you don’t mind being partially locked into the Google ecosystem). It IS a very good router, but the more tech/network savvy might want to hold off a little longer.

By TechCrunch

Google’s Nest devices bring some other nice elements to the table, like devoted networks for guests, parent controls and over the air security updates. For a quick and easy way to get your home Wi-Fi network up and running at high speed (including access to the 6GHz band), coupled with some family-friendly features, this is a tough package to beat. The Pro runs $200 for one, $300 for two and $400 for three.

By 9to5Google

There’s a strong case to be made for the Nest Wifi Pro as a wise investment into the future for anyone working from their home office, bringing top-of-the-line connectivity for a reasonable price. However, Google’s current track record for the longevity of Nest Wifi hardware makes it a bit harder to simply outright recommend at this time.

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