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Google Maps is no longer available on Wear OS 2 smartwatches

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Andy Walker / Android Authority


  • Google Maps and Google Keep have dropped support for Wear OS 2.
  • The app is no longer reachable when viewing the Play Store from a Wear OS 2 smartwatch.
  • Google Maps is still operational on devices that already have it installed.

Google is a company that’s not afraid to pull app support when it wants to. Just last month, the tech giant announced it was sunsetting Chrome browser support for Windows 7 and 8.1. Now the company has pulled Google Maps and Google Keep support from Wear OS 2 devices.

While you were enjoying your Thanksgiving dinner, a Reddit user noticed that they could not find Google Keep in the Play Store while using their Wear OS 2 smartwatch. It turned out that the app had dropped support for Wear OS 2 and says “Does not work on your device,” when viewing the web/mobile version of the listing.

It’s unknown exactly when support was pulled from the app, but it’s possible it could’ve been around the time Google revamped Material You back in September which introduced a new tile to create notes or lists.

According to 9To5Google, it was later discovered that Google Maps had also pulled support for Wear OS 2, as well as Android 9 and below. While some users will be able to download the latest update to regain access, this locks out any device not expected to get the Wear OS 3 update.

However, if you already have Google Maps installed on your Wear OS 2 smartwatch, it’s reportedly still working. So this development mostly affects those who have to reset their watches.

Although it’s unwanted news, it’s not a surprise Google has started to drop legacy support as Wear OS 3 expands to more devices and Wear OS 2 becomes less relevant.

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