Google expands access for noise cancellation in Google Meet

Google is expanding access to the noise cancellation feature in Google Meet.

All meeting attendees can now use noise cancellation capabilities in Google Meet if noise cancellation is available for the meeting organizer’s Google Workspace edition or if the user joins a meeting using any Google Meet hardware devices, the tech giant explained in a blog post.

Additionally, if a user has noise cancellation, it will function in all meetings regardless of whether or not the meeting organizer has noise cancellation.

“We hope that by making noise cancellation available to all meeting attendees will help improve the quality of meetings by limiting background noise distractions,” it said.

This feature is available for all users. Noise cancellation will be on by default for Google Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Frontline, Enterprise Plus, and Workspace Individual Subscriber accounts.

It will be off by default for Education Plus, and Teaching and Learning Upgrade accounts.

For all Google Workspace accounts, if the settings are on by default for a user’s organization in a meeting with other people outside of their organization, they can also use this feature during that meeting.

It is also introducing new settings in the Admin console for Meet.

With the new settings, admins can now control access to Google Meet features such as Chat, Present, Q&A and Polls.

These new settings are available for Google Workspace editions that include admin capabilities.

Previously, only the meeting hosts and co-hosts could control access to these features on a per meeting basis.

Now admins will be able to specify which interactive Meet features users in their domain can access.

“These features give administrators more control over how Google Meet is used in their organization. For example, in a school, these settings allow you to control whether or not students can present or send chat messages during video meetings. In business settings, specifically at large company meetings, giving the event host control over whether or not to conduct polls or Q & As during video meetings is a useful feature, ”it explained.

Once an admin turns access to a particular feature off, the setting will be applied to all new and existing meetings for users in the selected organizational unit, it said.

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March 26, 2022

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