Gallerist Chandra Johnson Mixes North and South in Her Charlotte-Based Collection

The juggling between collecting and dealing oftentimes prompts her to pick a priority: Johnson sees art fairs for dealing, and when SOCO Gallery participates in events such as the Armory Show or NADA, her focus remains fully on her own booth. This means the couple usually knocks on other galleries’ doors when it comes time to acquire—but only if she’s not busy putting together her own shows at the bungalow.

“Learning, growing, and reinventing” is how Johnson described her mutual plans for her gallery and collection. “My hope is to continue to support conversations in the South around art, bring new ideas to our region,” she added, “as well as elevating Southern voices to connect with the broader arts community, nationally and internationally.” With the works in her home and SOCO’s two far-flung outposts, she’s doing just that.

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