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Gabi Elnicki: I Feel Violated! Zach Shallcross Broke My Trust!

Not. Holding. Back!

On Monday night, Zach Shallcross surprised pretty much nobody when he sent finalist Gabi Elnicki packing and got down on one knee to propose to Kaity Biggar.

The latter said yes on The Bachelor Season 27 finale.

The former? She said some nasty stuff on air about Shallcross and the way he treated her toward the end of this season.

As a quick refresher:

Shallcross made a vow months ago NOT to engage in sex of any kind with any of his final three women during Fantasy Suite Week.

Except… he and Gabi then decided to be intimate — and, in an effort to clear his conscience, Zach went ahead and told Biggar that he’d had intercourse with the account executive.

It wasn’t his best move. Or even close to it, many critics have said.

“It’s a part of me that I’ll never get back that I shared with him,” Gabi told host Jesse Palmer during the After the Final Rose special, adding of Zach spilling this sexual tea:

“It’s extremely violating that the entire nation knows everything.”

A short time later, Palmer brought Zach out to join Gabi on stage and she told him she felt “blindsided,” although she was kind enough to add:

“I understand what you were trying to do.”

Some fans aren’t happy about the way Zach treated Gabi. (Photo via ABC)

Continued the scorned suitor:

“What I wish would’ve happened was that you warned me that you were going to use my name and that you were going to tell everyone what had happened.”

A very fair request, wouldn’t you say?

According to Gabi, Shallcross directly broke his word to her by sharing their bedroom dalliance with the world.

Zach and Gabi had a rocky romance. (Photo via ABC)

“It was consensual, and it was what we wanted,” she said to Zach on the After the Final Rose special.

“We decided that it was going to be between us. We said that that night. And I remember I was brushing my teeth, you came up behind me, you kissed me on the back of my head, you said, ‘This is just between us.’

“And I said, ‘Yes, this is just between us.’”

As a result, Gabi admits she “ashamed” when information about their time together went public.

For his part, Zach has said he never meant to string Gabi along — but he recognizes that he screwed up in this one instance.

“I really made it one-sided and that was very selfish of me,” he said on the aforementioned special, later adding:

“I did mess up and I wish I could make that better.”

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