Frisky to Fiery in ‘The Batman’s explosive new trailer

There are only so many stories that Batman fits into, right? In fact, with its art deco, industrial setting, there are an arbitrary number of social ills and political spills to feed an endless array of narratives. From roots from the Depression era to current eroded industrial cores, the scene remains the same for any number of stubble actors who want to play the brooding bat. And with only a few notable stumbles, Warner Bros. ‘ Batman franchise maintains a high standard. The studio will once again look to Dark Knight with the latest post, Batman.

On December 27, Warner Brothers / DC Comics was released The Bat and the Cat, Batman’s latest trailer (number three, if you count), only adds more rocket fuel to smoldering expectations. With Robert Pattinson in the fold as the stoic Bruce Wayne and Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle, Batman’s complicated relationship with Catwoman only gets fresher.

“You have a lot of cats.”

“I have a thing about strays.”

The Bat and the Cat preview promises movie-to-movie character development. This version of Catwoman, for example, is as demanding as her spinning pride in women, but she stands as a bourgeois guardian much more than former revenge-driven kittens.

Then, of course, there’s the Ash Thorp-shaped Dodge Charger Batmobile. There will be plenty of explosions and escapes with bat tools with the armored supercar patrolling the streets of Gotham on fat tires accelerated by a jet engine. Infinite bat tools, both new and old, only exacerbate the question of whether the bat can chase the enigma (played by Paul Dano), an elusive villain who is still only teased in previews.

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“I’m here just to reveal the truth about this sewer we call a city,” says a very masked Dano as The Riddler.

This glowing version of Riddler wants to pull the wool from the eyes of the collective, but even he can not show his face. It is one of many flashing contradictions that populate this tightly packed preview of two and a half minutes. In a rasp that eerily monkeys Batmans, Dano’s voice reveals yet another line of silk that intertwines Bruce Wayne’s upright goal with a violent crusader. This Riddler is a mirror on which the awake is completely reflected.

Guess what the green question mark also reveals in the preview? He knows Batman’s everyday identity as Gotham’s bachelor billionaire Bruce Wayne. And he has lots of queries from bound hostages. The villain’s main question sticks to an emerging theme: How the city’s corrupt privileged will pay for their crimes.

YouTube / Warner Bros.

Whether it’s a hero or a supervillain, it seems that all characters are driven by an extensive demand for equity. That’s why the bat is going to fight transgressively instead of against the cat in this version of Batman, an unexpected note that fits like nails that tear fabric.

The Batman is set to hit theaters exclusively on March 4, 2022 – just a big tent pole in DC’s series of big top releases ready for the new year. This includes Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s debut as Black Adam and Jason Momoa’s Dark Return as Aquaman in The lost kingdom.

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