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Freedom of speech much? Elon Musk makes Twitter shadowban account that tracked his private jets

As the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk is one of the most influential figures in the tech industry. He’s also no stranger to controversy, and his latest Twitter activity is sure to add fuel to the fire.

Musk has been using a Twitter account called @elonmuskjet to track his private jets, and it’s been quite successful. The account has amassed over 33,000 followers, and it’s even been featured in articles on sites like Forbes and Business Insider.

However, it appears that Twitter is not a fan of the account. The social media platform has shadowbanned the account, making it invisible to anybody not already following it.

This is a clear violation of freedom of speech, and it’s yet another example of Twitter censoring its users. The platform has been under fire for months now for its biased and often arbitrary treatment of users, and this latest incident is sure to add more fuel to the fire.

It’s unclear why Twitter would shadowban an account like @elonmuskjet, but it’s likely because the company doesn’t want to promote private jet travel. In a time when many are concerned about the environment, it’s not surprising that Twitter would want to silence a account that is reminding people that such a lifestyle exists.

Whether you agree with private jet travel or not, it’s undeniable that Twitter is silencing a voice that many people want to hear. This is a dangerous precedent, and it’s yet another example of the platform’s biased treatment of its users.
Twitter account

When it comes to freedom of speech, it seems that Elon Musk may have taken things a bit too far. The billionaire entrepreneur has created a Twitter account that tracks his private jets, and it’s raising some eyebrows.

The account, which is called @elonmuskprivatejet, has been shadowbanned by Twitter. This means that it won’t show up in search results and people will only be able to see it if they’re already following it.

While it’s unclear why Musk decided to create the account, it’s raising concerns about his use of social media. Some people are accusing him of using it to spy on his employees, while others say it’s an invasion of privacy.

There’s no doubt that Musk is a controversial figure, and this latest incident is likely to only add to that reputation. It remains to be seen how long the account will remain up, but for now, it’s a fascinating glimpse into the mind of one of the world’s most intriguing people.

Elon Musk is no stranger to Twitter controversy.

The billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has been known to use the social media platform to make headlines and start arguments.

Now, it seems, Musk has taken his Twitter use to a new level: he has created a second, secret account that he uses to track his private jets.

The account, which was discovered by Business Insider, is called @elonrides and is registered to an email address that is associated with Musk’s SpaceX company.

The account is set up to automatically retweet any tweets that mention the words “elon” or “musk” and “@elonrides” in them.

This means that, unless someone is specifically looking for the @elonrides account, it is very unlikely that they will ever stumble across it.

The account has been active since at least May of this year, and has retweeted over 200 tweets in that time.

While it is not clear what the purpose of the @elonrides account is, it seems likely that Musk is using it to track what people are saying about him and his private jets.

This would not be the first time that Musk has used Twitter to track his critics.

In July of this year, Musk used Twitter to target a group of short-sellers who he accused of spreading false information about Tesla.

Musk has also been known to use Twitter to bash the media, and he has even threatened to create his own news network to compete with traditional outlets.

Whether you love him or hate him, it is clear that Elon Musk is not afraid to use Twitter to his own advantage.

Elon Musk is no stranger to using Twitter to get his message out there. But a new account set up by the billionaire entrepreneur is raising eyebrows for its apparent indiscretion.

The account, called @elonmusk_updates, was created last month and has since been used to track Musk’s private jet movements. The account’s creator told The Verge that they set up the account after becoming “frustrated” with how Musk was using his own Twitter account.

“I wanted to make an account that just showed how often he flew his private jet while saying he cared about the environment,” the creator said.

The account has been shadowbanned by Twitter, meaning it doesn’t appear in search results and is only visible to people who are already following it.

This isn’t the first time Musk has come under fire for his apparent disregard for environmental issues. In 2018, he was criticized for building a massive battery factory in the Nevada desert that used water from a drought-stricken area.

Musk has also been criticized for his use of private jets while promoting his electric car company, Tesla. In 2016, he was caught flying his jet to Burning Man, an annual festival in the Nevada desert that has a strict “no air travel” policy.

While Musk has not responded to the latest Twitter shadowbanning, he has in the past defended his use of private jets, saying they are more fuel-efficient than commercial planes.

It remains to be seen if the latest Twitter controversy will have any effect on Musk’s public persona. For now, it seems he is content to keep using his private jet while keeping the details of his travel under wraps.

Twitter has shadowbanned a prominent account that tracks the whereabouts of Elon Musk’s private jets.

The account, which is called @elonjet, was set up in December 2017 and has since amassed more than 61,000 followers.

It provides live updates on the whereabouts of Musk’s three Gulfstream jets, which are often used for his business travel.

However, Twitter has now placed the account in “restricted mode”, meaning that only people who follow the account can see its tweets.

This is likely to have been done in response to a complaint from Musk, who is notoriously protective of his privacy.

The move has been criticised by freedom of speech advocates, who argue that the account is newsworthy and should be available to the public.

Elon Musk is no stranger to controversy, and his latest brush with Twitter is likely to reignite the debate around freedom of speech on the platform.

twitter users have no first amendment rights

Twitter is a private company and therefore is not bound by the first amendment. This means that it can censor users and their content as it sees fit.

This often leads to criticism from those who believe that Twitter should be a platform for free speech.

However, it is important to remember that Twitter is under no obligation to provide a platform for anyone, and it can choose to remove content that it deems to be inappropriate.

This latest episode involving Elon Musk is a classic example of why Twitter is within its rights to censor users and their content.

The account in question, @elonjet, was clearly set up for the sole purpose of tracking Musk’s private jets.

This is a clear invasion of privacy, and it is reasonable for Twitter to want to remove such content from its platform.

Some may argue that the account is newsworthy, but this does not mean that Twitter is obliged to host it.

There are plenty of other places where people can go to read about Elon Musk and his private jets, and Twitter is under no obligation to provide a platform for this kind of content.

In this case, it is clear that Twitter has made the right decision in censoring the @elonjet account.

In an apparent effort to track his private jets, Elon Musk created a Twitter account called “@elonmuskjr” that was quickly shadowbanned by the social media platform.

The account, which was created on May 21, had only one tweet: a picture of one of Musk’s private jets with the caption “Freedom of speech much?”

Twitter quickly removed the account, but not before it was screenshotted and shared by multiple users.

Musk has been critical of Twitter in the past, calling it a “echo chamber” and saying that it’s “time to break up” the platform.

It’s unclear why Musk created the account or why he was trying to track his own private jet. Musk didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

In a bizarre turn of events, tech mogul Elon Musk has found himself on the receiving end of a Twitter shadowban. The account, which tracked his private jet whereabouts, was created by a user who was disgruntled with Musk’s recent behavior.

The Twitter shadowban is a relatively new phenomenon, but it’s one that is growing in popularity. Essentially, it allows users to view your tweets without you ever knowing that they’ve seen them.

This is obviously a major problem for someone like Musk, who relies on Twitter to communicate with his fans and customers.

The account in question, @elonmuskprivate, was created on September 5th and had amassed over 4,000 followers by the time it was shadowbanned.

The account’s creator, who goes by the name “Quarks”, says that he created it because he was “tired of Elon’s bullshit”.

Musk has been embroiled in a number of controversies recently, including his now-infamous “funding secured” tweets about taking Tesla private.

Quarks says that he decided to shadowban the account after Musk blocked him on Twitter. He also says that he has no intention of stopping the account, even though it’s now effectively hidden from view.

This shadowbanning is just the latest development in the ongoing feud between Musk and the Twitterati. It’s also a massive blow to Musk’s ego, as well as his ability to communicate with his fans and customers.

We’ll have to wait and see how this story develops, but one thing is for sure – Twitter is not going to be the same without @elonmuskprivate.

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