Freddie Gibbs Roasts Joe Rogan Over Racial Slurs

Freddie Gibbs was a guest on the Kill Tony Show comedy podcast where he hilariously roasted podcast Joe Rogan who caught heat weeks back for repeatedly using the n-word and comparing Black people to apes.

“The world is changing, sh * t. Joe Rogan said n * gga and sh * t,” said Gibbs.

Rogan asked Gibbs to “let it go,” after telling him that it’s been years.

“Nah, n * gga that wasn’t years. That was days. He said every n * gga in Philly look like a monkey. Joe, let me tell you something, n * gga. You lucky I got family in Philadelphia because they was coming there to f * ck you up. I held all n * ggas back on behalf of Joe. Y’all give me a round of applause, n * gga. “

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