Florida doctor allegedly tried to buy sex slave with bitcoin: FBI

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The FBI has arrested a florida doctor after an Ohio woman sent a tip that he was trying to buy underage girls as sex slaves.

Alan Li, 26, faces charges of attempted sex trafficking with a minor and attempted coercion or incitement to a minor. WCMH got documents related to the FBI’s investigation of the doctor working at a hospital in Miami Beach, Florida, that showed the agency began investigating him in March when it got a tip from a woman in Columbus.

Investigation begins

The woman — whose name was not included in court documents — said she met Li a year ago in Columbus through a dating site, and they met for one night. During their time together, she told him about when she was trafficked at a young age, according to the FBI. After losing contact for months, Li reached out to her on March 12 over Snapchat, and the woman shared her conversation with Li with the FBI.

“You said you were trafficked, didn’t you?” Li allegedly asked the woman. “My friend wants to meet young girls, and he is willing to pay, can you help him?

The woman asked Li to connect her with her friend on Snapchat, and Li replied that his friend would create an account. The criminal record shows that Li actually made another account and pretended to be another person named Michael Chen. Investigators said Li would log out of his account and quickly enter Michaels from the same IP address registered at his house, and other details made them think the two were the same person.

“Hey, I’m mike, Alan gave me your contact,” Li wrote to the woman. “… But I also like younger girls, if you know what I mean.”

“What age?” the woman asked.

“Ideally, 8-15,” Li wrote, according to the document.

The conversation history stops for March 12 in the criminal record. However, the FBI notes on March 16 that the woman also called the hospital where Li worked, Mount Sinai Medical Center, to reveal what had been said to her.

Going undercover

The criminal complaint picks up the conversation again on March 22, when the Columbus woman let an FBI “online covert employee” take over her Snapchat account to talk to Li. From here, the FBI agent pretending to be the woman gave Li a smuggling phone number, which was actually the agent using another phone. Li then used a fake number and pretended to be Chen to talk to the undercover agent, the complaint says. The following are excerpts from the conversation in the document, some parts of which are omitted for explicit content.

“What do you have available?” Li. asked, “Girl.”

“Got a 9, 12 and 15 depending on what kind of service you want,” the agent said.

“Full service bareback available?” Li asked, “Ok, let’s do the 12.”

The two also allegedly discussed payment options, with the agent asking him to make a $250 and $500 total down payment for sex with the 12-year-old over CashApp. Li asked if he could pay with cash or Bitcoin instead, according to the criminal record. The agent told Li they would find out later.

During the payment negotiations, Li said he previously had an underage girl he kept as a sex slave. Some parts are omitted due to explicit content.

“… And like a life in the situation,” Li suggested.

“… Have you ever had it?” the agent asked.

“Ya once before,” Li said. “… I just had her lying with me and I took care of everything.”

“… How old was it? The 12 I got will do anything but have her for a while now,” the agent said.

“13,” Li said.

“Who is that for a child?” the agent asked.

“Just someone I knew in Ohio who set it up for me,” Li said.

Li asked to buy the 12-year-old to live permanently in her house as a sex slave, and the agent offered to sell her for $20,000.

“Ya she stays in the house,” Li said. “… I’m keeping my seat pretty safe and locked up.”

Arranging a meeting

The criminal record took the discussion between Li and the agent again on April 4 when the agent asked for money. The couple later agreed to meet at a hotel on April 12 with the 12-year-old and pay in person.

Li then canceled the meeting that night and asked to reschedule, but the two never completed a plan. The indictment showed that he then contacted the tipper woman and expressed that he was nervous.

“He’s trustworthy, right?” Li asked. I’m not trying to be a sketch, but I’m trying to be too much.since I don’t know him.

Li and the undercover agent dropped out of contact from April 16 to April 28, according to the record. The agent then tried to suggest Li on April 29, saying they had several girls available to buy. They arranged for Li to buy another girl on May 2, but that plan never materialized. Li then sent a message to the Columbus woman again, feeling nervous.

Li ultimately never followed up on agreements to meet and buy an underage girl, but the FBI made the case in the criminal record that investigators found likely reason li had tried to trade a minor for sex.

Agents had already conducted personal surveillance of Li by this time and arrested him on May 12, according to federal records.

Arrest aftermath

Inmate records show Li was detained at the Federal Detention Center in Miami starting Tuesday morning. Another document from Li’s case found that because the doctor is charged with offenses involving a minor and had the resources to be a flight risk, the U.S. District Court for South Florida ordered him to be detained without bail.

“Defendant’s intelligence, extensive training, demonstrated knowledge of using technology to conceal his identity and access to large amounts of cash and cryptocurrency, which would allow defendant to make anonymous purchases, demonstrate his willingness and ability to evade law enforcement,” a U.S. judge wrote. “Defendants, by the way, have … extended family living abroad. Based on the charges alleged in the complaint that defendant faces a mandatory minimum of 15 years in prison, the defendant as such has a strong incentive and the ability to escape and avoid law enforcement capture.”

The FBI declined to comment on Li’s arrest when WCMH reached out, also saying it does not release inserted photos “as a matter of policy.”

Li still appeared on Mount Sinai Medical Center’s current resident list as of Tuesday morning, but the detention register said he no longer works at the hospital. The FBI also said in documents that it had been in contact with the hospital’s security director, who provided investigators with Li’s personnel file and network activity on Mount Sinai’s computers.

The doctor was a former Ohio resident who had graduated from Hilliard Darby High School in 2013. He attended the University of Virginia School of Medicine before becoming a resident of Mount Sinai and moving to Florida.

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