Florence Pugh is known for her eye-catching unique style, from buzzed hair to sheer dresses, always matched with makeup that makes a statement. Whenever there’s a red carpet, it’s her we’re looking for. She recently revealed the lip product that she always has with her, whether she’s heading to a friend’s house or a movie premiere.

Pugh recently told Vogue her go-to product is Valentino Liquirosso 2-in-1 Lip & Blush ($40), in the shade After Club, a peachy nude. “When we did the campaign shoot in Rome, they assigned me the Liquirosso color that ended up actually being in every single one of my handbags,” she says. “I’m literally clutching my lipstick right now.”

While After Club is her favorite shade, Pugh is attracted to the variety of color options Valentino offers. “Every personality I want to represent, whether it’s me going out to tea or me being put on a red carpet, there is a color for every occasion,” she says. “All of the colors are amazing because you can use them to do so many different things. I love playing with makeup with my fingers and seeing what works best.”

Makeup is not the only pigment Pugh likes to play with. In May, she revealed a buzzed head for a role. Since then, she’s been spotted with her buzz cut dyed pink and red. “Whenever I get bored, I just say it will wash out, and then I’ll put a new color,” she says.