Fire crews battle blaze on Saddleworth moorland with roads cordoned off

Firefighters battled a fire on moorland in Saddleworth tonight.

The blaze, which broke out this afternoon (March 19) is on land near the popular Dovestones Reservoir. The fire is thought to be located around the nearby Binn Green area.

Crews from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service were fighting the blaze throughout Saturday evening. Police closed off roads nearby.

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Pictures show a large fire on the moors, with columns of smoke high in the air. The blaze could be seen for miles around.

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said: “This evening firefighters from across Greater Manchester battled a moorland wildfire in the Greenfield area of ​​Oldham, near Dovestones Reservoir.

“The fire was approximately 300m x 100m. GMFRS deployed the air unit to survey the scene and used specialist off road vehicles to support their efforts. The fire has now been extinguished.”

It is the second such fire in two days, with a separate smaller blaze dealt with by firefighters yesterday (March 18). This is the latest in a number of fires on Saddleworth Moor, with crews regularly called out to extinguish wildfires, often started by people using barbecues.

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