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Final regular-season high school esports rankings

The 2022 high school esports fall regular season has come to an end, with competitive gaming teams across North America closing out the head-to-head matchups on the PlayVS platform.

It’s been an exciting inaugural e-kickoff for USA TODAY High School Sports and PlayVS, creating the first regional and state rankings from the platform’s competitive games—ones officially recognized by the NFHS Network and state associations.

As the competition now moves to the 2022 championships, here are the final regular-season “Hearthstone” teams at the top in each region/state.

Hearthstone: 2022 Regular-Season Final

League: Central Region – High School – Hearthstone

1. Westside High School (Neb.): Westside Hearthstone 2

2. Westside High School (Neb.): Westside Hearthstone 1

3. Rogers New Technology High School (Ark.): Hearth Wolves A

4. North Rock Creek (Okla.): North Rock Creek Hearthstone (Alpha)

5. Kearney Sr High School (Neb.): Shuffled

6. Vanguard College Preparatory School (Texas): Vanguard HS

7. Riverside High School (Ark.): StoneRebels

8. Biloxi High School (Miss.): Biloxi Red Squadron

9. Pearl High School (Miss.): Pearl High School Esports

10. Ardmore High School (Okla.): Ardmore Tiger Gaming

League: Eastern Region – High School – Hearthstone

1. East Kentwood High School (Mich.): East Kentwood High School

2. Maclay School (Fla.): Marauders HS

3. Harlan County High School (Ky.): Wish this was Yugioh

4. Bloomfield Hills High School (Mich.): Bloomfield Hills Black Hawks

5. Cortland Junior-Senior High School (N.Y.): Cortland Purple Tigers II: Arcade Remix Hyper EX + α Edition

6. Xavier High School (Conn.): Falcons

7. Advanced Technology Center (Va.): The Card Handlers

8. Heritage High School (Va.): Heritage HS Cardbackers

9. Landstown High School (Va.): Stone Cold Eagles

10. North Fort Myers High School (Fla.): Red Knightmare

League: Mountain Region – High School – Hearthstone

1. Viewmont High School (Utah): Hearth Breakers

2. Santa Susana High (Calif.): Santa Su Troubadours

3. Las Cruces High School (N.M.): LCHS Hearthstone Red

4. Bishop Montgomery High School (Calif.): Knights of Azeroth

5. Organ Mountain High School (N.M.): OMHS Hearthstone Varsity

6. Hobbs High School (N.M.): Hobbs Var Hearthstone

7. Manzano High School (N.M.): Monarchs A – Hearthstone

8. Fort Bragg High School (Calif.): Gamer Wolves

t-9. Moreau Catholic High School (Calif.): Hearthstone Team #1

t-9. Thunder Mountain High School (Alaska): Falcons

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