Family’s car stolen from outside Trafford Center and told ‘it happens all the time’

A woman was left devastated after her care was stolen from outside a busy shopping center and was told by staff that ‘it happens all the time’.

Primary school teacher Rachael Dunn traveled to the Trafford Center from Halifax to enjoy the Easter break with her husband Simon. The couple arrived at around 1pm on Tuesday, April 12, parking at the Upper Regent 1 shopping center car park, a short distance away from the entrance.

After enjoying a day of shopping and having a meal, they returned to the lot to discover their car was gone. Rachel said she was appalled that neither staff nor Greater Manchester Police ‘have yet to do anything’ to locate the car which she claims costs thousands of pounds.

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She told Manchester Evening News: “There was nothing around to raise suspicion. But we came back and our car was missing. We went to speak to security and they said ‘it happens every other day.’

“Security says they are patrolling the car park, but they’re clearly doing nothing. I feel really let down by both them and the police.

“If cars are being stolen every other day from the Trafford Center, what needs to happen for someone to do something about it? It might [spring the Trafford Centre into action] if it affects the income [of the shopping centre]the only way that’s going to happen is if people are aware [this is happening].

Rachael, 43, says that shortly after reporting the theft she received a text from Greater Manchester Police reading ‘no further investigation’. She also says she has had ‘no further contact’ from the Trafford Center, adding to frustrations that security and police ‘are not doing anything’ to help recover her Ford Fiesta ST – worth around £ 10,500 when she purchased the car in 2019.

“I’m heartbroken. We’d had such a lovely day and it was ruined at the end. It took us four hours to get home,” Rachael continued.

“The police are not bothered, the Trafford Center is not bothered. I feel like nobody cares and nobody is going to stop [the thieves] – so customers are going to come out and be subject to what we have been. These criminals have no morals, they do not care about anybody else. “

A spokesperson for the Trafford Center said: “Our security team takes all customer complaints seriously and, when required, we assist Greater Manchester Police with any inquiries. We have very little car theft on site thanks to our use of ANPR and camera patrols.”

Greater Manchester Police were contacted for comment. The theft occurred exactly the same day as one mum issued a warning to Trafford Center shoppers after what she described as a ‘scary’ incident in the car park.

Heather Dunn, 39, visited the shopping center on the same Tuesday at around 7pm and drove into a parking space. She said as she did she noticed another vehicle pull up behind her.

As she tried to lock her Nissan Juke, the mum-of-two claims she was unable to do so and noticed that two men and a woman sat in the car behind were ‘staring at her.’ She decided to move her car to another parking space some distance away and claims after doing so was able to lock her car easily.

Heather said she wants to warn other drivers to ensure their cars are locked before leaving them, as she fears the people might have been jamming her signal in an attempt to steal the car.

She said she reported the incident to the Trafford Center’s security and claims she was told by a member of staff that this was not the first report of people’s car fobs not working in the car park.

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