Exxon, Chevron each paid CEOs $ 22M-plus last year; face votes on emissions (NYSE: XOM)

imaginima / E + via Getty Images

Exxon Mobile (NYSE: XOM) and Chevron (NYSE: CVX) paid their CEOs more than $ 22M each last yearaccording to SEC filings released on Thursday.

Exxon paid Darren Woods $ 23.6M in 2021, up from $ 15.6M in the previous year, and awarded a $ 3.1M cash bonus, while Chevron paid Michael Wirth $ 22.6M last year, down from $ 29M in 2020, and added a $ 4.5M cash bonus .

Filings also showed Exxon investors will vote during the annual meeting scheduled for May 25 on seven shareholder proposals that include a call for the company to reduce emissions.

Exxon’s board advises investors to reject all seven shareholder proposals, according to the proxy statement.

Chevron also faces a series of shareholder votes on climate and emissions at its annual meeting, also planned for May 25; the company advises investors to vote against the proposals.

The disclosures came a day after a US congressional panel grilled oil company executives, accusing them of price gouging at a time of high gasoline prices.

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