Extinction Rebellion Oxford will send white elephant to London

Extinction Rebellion Oxford will send a white elephant to London to raise awareness about the climate crisis.

The activist group will send Nellie to the capital on April 11, as part of large-scale actions which will take place across London from April 9 onwards.

Nellie will set out from the Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens and will be used by the group as a way of engaging and sparking conversations with the public, alongside handing out leaflets.

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Christian Silk, an Extinction Rebellion Oxford member, said: “The latest scientific data is clear, we need to half greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 if we want to give our children and grandchildren the chance of a liveable future.

“The new IPCC report goes on to say that this future is possible, but we need to act now to cut fossil fuel usage dramatically. It is clear that governments around the world are failing to take the brave action required to create the future we all deserve.

“My wife and I, as scientists ourselves, are very scared by this lack of government action. Therefore we are taking to the streets with our friends in Extinction Rebellion to try talk to our fellow citizens about the climate crisis and create a just future for us all. I hope you will join us in London as we work for a better future. ”

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