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EXCLUSIVE: 2 San Francisco Asian crime survivors meet to speak out against DA’s office

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – Two seniors, both survivors of crime, met to show support for each other and to speak out against the San Francisco DA’s office on Monday. The two men, who are Asian, say that although the crimes are very different, the problem with the justice system is the same.

As soon as 69-year-old Anh Le and 85-year-old Rong Xin Liao met at Liao’s residence in San Francisco on Monday, you could see an instant connection. The two, who greeted each other in different languages, embraced and at times held each other’s hands, as if they had known each other for a long time.

But the circumstances that brought them together are a bit alarming. It is these circumstances that forced Le to bring a bulletproof vest to their meeting, which he plans to wear in public now.

“Asian American victims of crime, hate crimes in San Francisco, we have been treated like garbage. We have been treated as if we are non-humans.” said Le.

One week ago, Le filed a lawsuit alleging that the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office violated Marsy’s Law, which gives victims the right, including being informed of developments in their case.

Liao believes the same thing happened to him after he was thrown out of his seated walker while waiting for the bus in Mørbraden in February 2020. He suffered a brain haemorrhage.

Liao spoke through an interpreter and said “we feel helpless … we feel like we are all victims.”

Police documents show on November 2, 2019, that Le warned a boy cycling on the sidewalk to be careful. That was when the 11-year-old allegedly struck out with a bat.

“It was solid. And after he started hitting me repeatedly, it hurt me a lot.” said Le.

Documents show the boy’s father, Jimmy Tanner then chasing Le and threatening to hit him with a glass bottle. After Tanner was arrested, Le says the DA’s office failed to inform him in advance of plans for a major development.

“They allowed the lord to plead guilty to an offense of one year probation,” Le says.

Last week, the DA’s office called Le’s allegations “false” and said they contacted him “by phone, email and mail over two dozen times” and doubled down in an email to me on Monday, saying that ” the lawyer contacted repeatedly before the case was resolved … but did not hear back from Mr Le. “

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Le said emails were “very confusing and unclear.”

A transcript of July 28, 2021, shows that the judge in the case agreed: “The DA’s office should have notified you because it’s the law. It’s Marsy’s law.”

Tanner’s public defender also described his client as “severely disabled” and wheelchair bound in an interview with the Chronicle. However, a picture from surveillance video used in the police investigation shows Tanner getting up during an incident where he allegedly pushed a bottle into another victim’s nose.

Police documents also show that Tanner and his family were seen in other attacks, primarily on Asian Americans, even on the same day as Le was attacked.

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This development does not come as a surprise to Mr Liao, who has long claimed that the DA did not communicate properly with them about the development of his case. He and his family said they were blinded by the release of his perpetrator Ramos Hernandez due to mental health diversion.

Ramos Hernandez insulted himself again and was put back in the program last December. Documents show that DA’s office contacted the family several times, even though the documents were so heavily edited that the details could not be read.

As both men continue to live in fear for their safety – Liao says one thing is for sure.

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“I want the DA’s office to actually do what they have to do. If they try to cover it up or ignore it and not do their job. This wave of Asian crime will not be able to stop and will get even worse.” Says Liao.

As for Le, his lawsuit shows that he only wants two things: an apology … and that his perpetrators should learn about Asian American history.

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