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Enjoy This 27 Mins Behind-the-Scenes of Refn’s ‘Copenhagen Cowboy’

Enjoy This 27 Mins Behind-the-Scenes of Refn’s ‘Copenhagen Cowboy’

by Alex Billington
January 26, 2023
Source: YouTube

Copenhagen Cowboy Behind-the-Scenes

“This is not a making of… But more of insight on how the cowboy fell asleep and woke up in Copenhagen.” Netlfix has revealed an extensive behind-the-scenes featurette for their new series Copenhagen Cowboy, the latest creation from the mind of Danish filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn. We already posted the official trailer last year, and it has been streaming since early January on Netflix. The series introduces a brand new young heroine, Miu, who travels through Copenhagen’s criminal netherworld. He adds in this video that the original pitch was to extended his Pusher series, but it’s actually about a woman becoming a “superhero.” The series stars Angela Bundalovic as Miu, who’s joined by Lola Corfixen and Zlatko Buric, plus a big supporting cast featuring Andreas Lykke Jørgensen, Jason Hendil-Forssell, Li Ii Zhang, Dragana Milutinovic, Mikael Bertelsen, Mads Brügger, and more. We don’t usually get to see lengthy, full-on videos like this when it comes to behind-the-scenes glimpses. I really enjoy seeing Refn work on his neon-drenched sets. He says some strange things in here (extraterrestrials?? okay Refn) but that’s the magic of it.

Here’s the main official trailer for Nicolas Winding Refn’s series Copenhagen Cowboy, on YouTube:

Copenhagen Cowboy Series

Copenhagen Cowboy Series

You can rewatch the teaser for Refn’s Copenhagen Cowboy right here and the full-length trailer here.

A thrill-inducing, neon-drenched noir series across six episodes which follows enigmatic young heroine, Miu. After a lifetime of servitude, on the verge of a new beginning, she traverses the ominous landscape of Copenhagen’s criminal netherworld. Searching for justice and enacting vengeance, she encounters her nemesis, Rakel, as they embark on an odyssey through the natural and supernatural. The past ultimately transforms and defines their future, as the two women soon discover they are not alone, they are many. Copenhagen Cowboy is a series created + directed by Danish filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn, director of the films Pusher I-III, Bleeder, Fear X, Bronson, Valhalla Rising, Drive, Only God Forgives, and The Neon Demon previously, plus the series “Too Old to Die Young”. With writing from Nicolas Winding Refn, Sara Isabella Jönsson, Johanne Algren. Produced by by NWR (Lene Børglum & Christina Bostofte Erritzøe), cinematography by Magnus Nordenhof Jønck. This first premiered at the 2022 Venice Film Festival. Netflix will release Copenhagen Cowboy streaming on Netflix starting January 5th, 2023 – it’s available to watch.

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