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English of Barron’s discusses her writing style and focus

Carleton English

Russell Sherman at Press Profiles interviewed Carleton English of Barron’s about her job and her career.

“I think that they’re both outlets that are writer focused,” said English about working at Barron’s and The New York Post.

She said she learned at The Post that story shaping and knowing your audience was vital. “The Post is so much having a voice and having an angle,” she said. At Barron’s, she said she has “turned down that sassiness,” but she still approaches stories with a point of view.

At Barron’s, she said the “leads don’t smack you across the face as much,” but there is definitely a sharp takeaway.

Previously, English was employed at The Information where she was covering Wall Street. Before joining the subscription-based website, English served as a financial journalist covering hedge funds for the New York Post.

Additionally, she also worked as a reporter for The Street and as a special projects producer for CNBC. Before that, English was a client associate at Laird Norton Tyee.

To listen, go here.


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