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Encanto: Mirabel Did Get A Gift At Her Ceremony

Though it appears Mirabel Madrigal was snubbed during her gift ceremony in Encanto, the character may have secretly had a gift all along.

Though Encanto makes it look like Mirabel gets snubbed during her gift ceremony in Casita, the character may have secretly had a gift all along. Mirabel Madrigal (Stephanie Beatriz) is not like the rest of her family in Encanto. In the film, the Madrigals all get magical gifts to help the family and their village. For instance, Mirabel’s sister Luisa (Jessica Darrow) gets super strength, and her cousin Dolores (Adassa) has the power of keen hearing. However, Mirabel does not get a gift in the film, which causes problems in her relationship with Abuela Alma (MarĂ­a Cecilia Botero).

The Madrigals do not truly understand their gifts in Encanto. Alma only knows that the miracle came into her life following her husband Pedro’s death. After Pedro died sacrificing himself to protect his family and his village, Alma received a magical candle, an enchanted house, and her family started receiving special powers. Alma is constantly worried about losing the magic and letting down her family and the village, so she’s especially disturbed when Mirabel does not receive a gift during her ceremony day.


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Though it seems like Mirabel does not get a gift, Encanto may reveal she had one all along. In Encanto, the Madrigals have a special ceremony when a family member receives a new gift. The child goes up to Abuela Alma, touches the enchanted candle, and then reaches for a magical doorknob that reveals their new room in Casita and their new gift. However, when Mirabel reaches for the door during her ceremony, the room disappears. According to a theory (via Reddit), the door did not truly disappear. It simply became the front door of the house.

Since Mirabel follows in Abuela Alma’s footsteps, the Encanto theory about Mirabel’s gift is plausible. At the film’s end, Alma admits to Mirabel that she asked Pedro for help when she thought the miracle was in trouble, and she realizes that Pedro sent Mirabel to be the help she needs. Like Alma, Mirabel puts others before herself and is willing to sacrifice for the good of the family and the village. When Mirabel’s image appears on the door of the rebuilt house at the film’s end, it’s evident that Mirabel will follow Abuela Alma as a family leader. However, it’s possible the door to the Casita was secretly Mirabel’s all along. After all, Casita responds to Mirabel the most throughout the film.

Though there’s evidence that Mirabel’s gift door changes to the front of the house, that future was never a certainty. In Encanto, Uncle Bruno (John Leguizamo) has a vision that Mirabel will cause Casita to crumble, but he tells his niece that her future is not set in stone. Bruno tells Mirabel there was “no clear fate ” when he had his vision. The revelation means that Mirabel’s gift door more likely had the potential to change to the front of the house. However, it was not necessarily there all along. After all, Mirabel was the one who truly made it happen by putting her family before herself. So while there’s evidence that Mirabel’s gift was secretly the front door, the film also shows that Mirabel was not truly gifted anything. Instead, she earns the front door to the house in Encanto.

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