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Egencia Launches Well-Being Dashboard | Business Travel News

Egencia has developed a dashboard to help companies track metrics related to traveler well-being, including benchmarking data among other clients.

The Wellbeing Dashboard, which is now available to Egencia and American Express Global Business Travel clients, tracks such data as the percentage of trips that include weekend departures, the percentage of same-day trips, advance purchase behavior and the percentage of trips that potentially had included a leisure element, with trips that lasted longer than the number of days set by a client. In benchmarking against other companies, users can segment the data by sector or travel spending, according to Egencia.

Richard Eades, BP global category manager for travel, meetings and events, said he has been using the data to craft a “wellbeing-driven and balanced travel policy” through the questions it could answer.

“Are colleagues flying too much? Are they spending too much time on the road?” he said in a statement. “By monitoring and benchmarking our performance on metrics like trip length, we can build travel policies that protect our employees from excessive or uncomfortable travel experiences and to ensure a positive work vs. life balance.”

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