East County residents anxious for rain amid heat of summer

Julian, Calif. — Moisture was in the air and dark clouds were in the sky, but the rains only materialized on Mount Laguna as the dry streak continues in Julian.

Local residents have been waiting for a week hoping for thunderstorms to unleash a deluge, but a light drizzle was all the field.

“Thunderstorms are very isolated when they come down so it’s just the luck of the draw,” said Jeremy Marsaglia, a pear farmer.

In the town of Julian, the talk of rain seemed to be everywhere.

“Waiting for the rain to come, it’s really important. Fire safety is number one around here,” said CJ, the manager of the Cooler A Cider House.

In the heat of the summer, the fire anxiety is always just under the surface.

“You’ll hear the fire trucks go, and you never know if it’s a motorcycle thing. When you see the smoke, you always look at the wind direction,” said Vince Marsaglia, the owner of the Julian Brew Co.

Locals say Cal Fire San Diego has done a good job this year of knocking out fires before they really pick up, but a good rain would help their piece of mind.

“Just waiting for it. My truck is dirty, so I’m looking for a free wash, make everybody feel better,” CJ said.

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