E-40 Shares His Body and Skin Care Favorites

Rapper E-40 just dropped some newness, but this “must-have” lineup as nothing to do with music.

As shared with The Strategist, the 55-year-old has a solid body and skin-care list, and some of the picks he’s used for a long time, including the lavender-scented Secret Fresh Clear Gel Antiperspirant Deodorant ($11 for two). 

“When I was young, I could take a shower and use Mennen, and I still wouldn’t smell right. (Mennen is this deodorant-slash-cologne I used that didn’t hold up to perspiring.) This came from my mom. I remember the commercials back in the day would say, ‘Made for a woman, but strong enough for a man.’”

E-40 continued to categorize the deo as “long-lasting” and “stands strong through it all.”

“You’re never gonna catch me out of pocket smelling musty or stanking,” he said. “I keep my hygiene up.”

Also on the “do” list, another drugstore hit: Jergens Cherry Almond Lotion ($9).

“I’ve used this every day since I was a teen. I don’t recall using any other lotions efore this. It prevents ashiness like all lotions, but it lasts all day. And it smells right with the cherry-almond scent. I’ve got to stay moisturized.”