In this episode I finally get to chat to one of the very best dentists around – the brilliant Dr Uchenna Okoye.

Dr. Uchenna Okoye is not only a world-renowned dentist but is an entrepreneur (she’s recently launched her brilliant brand My Smile), TV personality, and clinical director of London Smiling Clinics. With her unique approach to dentistry, Dr. Uchenna has become a trailblazer in the industry and a celebrity favourite, providing top-notch dental services to her clients and being renowned for making them feel at ease.

During the episode we chat about:

Dr Uchenna’s personal fear of dentists and how it’s influenced her career
Why pride in our smiles can lead to good overall health
How the menopause affects our teeth and what we can do about it
Oral advice for kids
Why going abroad for dental treatments may not be the best idea
What it feels like to start your own brand
Why oral care and skincare aren’t that dissimilar!

This is such a great episode with a truly talented woman. I never knew that I could feel excited about caring for my teeth but Dr Uchenna really has inspired me!